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General information about Hunt Squared Coaching and Consulting services.

In an effort to give back, serve more, and support others, we have cut all our coaching prices by 50%, or more. Our new prices are below:

  1. Bulletproof Diet™ coaching services, with certified Bulletproof™ coach Elle Hunt, start at $150/session. Discount for pre-payment of multiple sessions available. Session costs will be higher if Executive Coaching services are requested in addition to the Bulletproof Diet™. Discounts available for pre-payment of multiple session packages.
  2. Wellness Coaching sessions start at $150/session. Discounts available for pre-payment of multiple session packages, or family packages.
  3. Leadership Coaching services start at $250/session. Discounts available for pre-paid packages.
  4. eSports Resilience Coaching™ starts at $200/session. Discounts available for pre-payment of multi-session packages.
  5. Group sessions available for all coaching programs. Wellness and Bulletproof Coaching: Three people per session incur no additional cost. A maximum of three people per group. Leadership Coaching: up to three people per session, group sessions $350/session. eSport Resilience Coaching: up to three people per session, $300/session.
  6. Services conducted via FaceTime, or Skype. Please ensure you’ve downloaded, set-up, and tested your connection before the session to avoid time spent working through technical issues. Technical issues on our end will result in additional time given at the end of the session, or at a time convenient to the client.
  7. On-site coaching available in select locations. On-site at the client’s location will incur travel expenses.
  8. Sessions are 50-60 minutes long.
  9. All amounts are in US Dollars and paid in advance of service. To keep operations cost low, there are no options for post-payment of coaching sessions. We accept cash for in-person sessions or payment made via Zelle.

Additional terms are set forth in the new client intake form and contract, or within a services contract. Please carefully review it prior to signing.

To get started, contact us today for a free 15 minute introduction.

Please note that although coaching may continue for as long as you’d like, Hunt Squared reserves the right to terminate coaching at any time. Our goal is to provide support, education, and tools needed to be successful in your goals. If we feel we are  no longer providing value to your efforts we will respectfully discuss an end date for coaching.

As a licensed and certified coach your corporate wellness initiatives, or continuing education programs may reimburse you. Check with your HR group for further information.

  • Please take the personality test and send me the results:
  • Think about your goals for coaching… when are we done? This helps us with goals, knowing what “done” looks like, what a successful goal outcome is. Consider your top three goals… what they are, why you want them, what you haven’t been successful so far, and what does done look like.

I look forward to working with you!

Additional information:

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