Bo Motlagh

I met Elle Hunt in 2012 at a point in my career when I honestly did not know what would be next. I had vague entrepreneurial ambitions, a few side projects, a lot of ideas, and little to no experience with senior leadership. When we spoke she asked what I wanted and I told her the truth: “I want you to groom me for executive leadership.” Elle began mentoring me right there and within a few months I had successfully negotiated a raise and was accepted as part of the senior leadership group where I worked – invited to participate in strategy sessions to guide the business.

Through her help I have taken my ideas and created viable business plans and prototyping that allowed me to justify the value proposition of what I had to offer. Ultimately this allowed me to shift my career into a more upwardly mobile direction. She continues to offer insights and advice and even now, as I prepare to launch my first profitable business and become self-employed for the first time in my life, I check in with her regularly to make sure I keep true to my goals. Elle hunt is an amazing mentor. I am lucky to have her and if she agrees to take you on, you should jump at the chance.