Amanda Benz-Rudzinski

In November of 2016 I reached out to Elle for help in getting my life organized and on track not because it had fallen apart, but rather I had a certain “stuckness” feeling in my own business, my job as well as my personal life… I really felt it was time for some coaching intervention. I have known Elle for many years and respect her so much in all areas of her life, finding out that she was now a coach left me with an obvious solution to me desiring this intervention. After contacting her, she immediately scheduled a phone consultation and we quickly got down to business.
I was so impressed with how simple she broke down all of these very complex things in my life, as well as helping to address habits I had learned a long time ago in my life when I didn’t even realize I was learning them. Emotional responses… I was so impressed with her quick ability to simply look past any situation I was having and she would have me look at ME, and MY responses. Additionally, she uses a holistic approach to monitoring nutrition and exercise to see how these play a part in my/our focus and emotional responses. In four months, my laughter has increased so much, that I cannot even remember a time when “things” did not bother me so much, not even as a child. I also have become so much more productive with my current job as well as my business. It is taking off to places I did not know existed. I do not spend a lot of time apologizing or over explaining myself, instead, I have found a confidence inside of myself that is emerging at each session we have. Despite all of my yoga, meditation, and tai chi training, Elle has a way about her that brings all of those ancient teaching to a practical business sense… helping me overcome day-to-day obstacles in a way where I walk away feeling empowered and better about myself and my goals.
My work with Elle has spread out to my family and work colleges, as they are so impressed with how light-hearted yet focused I have become. I am excited about what is to come in working with Elle as it has been a real honor to work with her.