Review: Coffee Supplements and Hacks

What? Coffee supplements? Do not make coffee more complex you say? Hey it’s not me, it’s the market! Ever since Starbucks introduced the Mocha people have been adding stuff into their coffee to make it more… I don’t know, Phoofy. We like our decadent and rich coffee, so we add stuff to it. Let’s review of a few of my favorites, and the one’s I recommend you avoid!

Keto/Bulletproof Lemon Cheesecake

Yes, you heard me right… healthy cheesecake! Before I went Bulletproof I used to eat this amazing cheesecake over at the Cheesecake Factory. Their Lemon Meringue cheesecake is to die for… but in more ways than just taste! All that sugar! All those fillers! YUK! So I went about figuring out a way to have my cake and eat it too (hahaha). And here it is (variations in parenthesis):