Aren’t you the lucky ones! A vacation on our beautiful and magical Maui island.

Planning your holiday here? These are some of our favorite tips and tricks:

  • Don’t go crazy with packing… less is more on Maui. A few casual outfits, swimwear, and sandals. Leave plenty of room for souvenirs!
  • To rent or not to rent… a car. It depends on your plans, where you’re staying, and your budget. The island has Uber, and taxis, so you’re not lost if you choose not to rent a car. Many adventure vendors will have pick-up services for the hotels and resorts. If you do rent, be cautious when driving in remote locations (like on the road to Hana), and appreciate the island-style of driving… more relaxed, and way less horn usage!
  • Most resort cafe’s have less expensive options for lunches and snacks. It’s a great idea to grab some water and small items at the local market too.
  • Bring, or plan on buying, a lot of sunscreen… but only the mineral kind. We have a fragile ecosystem that’s sensitive to the chemicals in some sunscreens. Instead, choose ones with mineral active ingredients like titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide.
  • Get to know the culture and plan on being immersed in the history and aloha of the island. Respecting the culture and heritage is important to us islanders, but with it comes with an immense amount of aloha.
  • Plan a few things in advance, like your luau or whale-watching. Events like these sell out fast. Your resort concierge will have all the inside information, so use their lovely brains and connections!

There are so many things to do here, including some amazing coaching opportunities. Ever wanted to learn about the Bulletproof Diet™? How about Executive Leadership Coaching? Better yet, how about some overall Performance Life™ coaching? Schedule sessions to fit around your island plans, or extend them beyond your vacation. Island packages can include some local goodies delivered to your hotel or resort to ensure you’re off to the right start.

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Fun things to do:

  • Biofeedback session on the beach
  • Biohacking Beauty™ Session
  • Kick off the Resilience in Leadership Series
  • Keep to your Bulletproof Diet™ while enjoying all the delicious foods of Maui
  • Whale watching (December-March)
  • Beaches
  • Snorkeling (be safe!)
  • Diving
  • Sunrise or sunset on Haleakala (sunrise is a favorite and easy to do on your first day when you’re already up early!)
  • The road to Hana
  • Helicopter rides
  • Zip-line
  • Hiking to hundreds of waterfalls
  • Camping
  • A Luau
  • Shopping
  • Dining out