A comprehensive list, updated regularly, of products that I recommend. I am an authorized agent, or affiliate, for some of these sites (which means I may profit if you buy a product using one of these links). Due to high demand (and thanks for the feedback!) new items added will be at the top and kept there for the first month they are added. Then they will be added to a category.


Supplements I Use Daily

Other Supplements

  • Iodine
  • Jing Herbs, I’ve got about a dozen here at any one time. Pearl powder, American Ginseng, Reishi extract, Three Sisters, Great Adapter, Great Guardian, and Foundation Formula are regulars.




  • Sonicate Toothbrush
  • Clarisonic Facial and Body Brush
  • 100% Sweet Almond Oil
  • 100% Lavender Oil
  • Tretinoin ( Retin-A, chemical exfoliant. See Biohacking Beauty for more detail)
  • Hydroquinone (Skin lighting for blotchiness, see Biohacking Beauty for more detail)
  • Botox. (If started early (in your early to mid-30’s) you can avoid those lines between your eyes that make you look upset)
  • Latisse. Get gorgeous, long and dark lashes without mascara or extensions. One bottle lasts me 6 months.
  • Moisturizer and Sunscreen.  My favorite Andalou BB
  • Self Tanner. OMG this stuff is good. Smells like an oatmeal cookie and gives both instant and long lasting color. Beautiful. Don’t forget the application mitt!
  • Harry’s Razors, ignore the fact they market to men (how rude!), these are great quality razors at an amazing price.
  • Bee Friendly products (love their moisturizers)
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil, add to the Alitura mask, or any homemade mask you make
  • Clary Sage Oil, same as above… add to facial or dermal masks.
  • Cacao Butter, this is good for just about everything. I make skin moisturizers, and add it to my coffee. This brand had quality issues, but have stepped up their game considerably. It’s one the three brands I recommend.

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These are the jars I use for travel. Watch the video on what I decant for both out-of-town and local use. They are the very best out there, and their price reflects that. But when you’re using organic or high-quality products (like Brain Octane) you need jars that can keep it fresh.


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