Official program of Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof Diet™.

Elle Hunt, a certified Bulletproof Coach, offers sessions and packages around the Bulletproof Diet™ and lifestyle.

  • Bulletproof Diet™, intermittent fasting, Rapid Fat Loss Protocol
  • Supplements
  • Mindfulness training
  • Cognitive Performance
  • Biohacking

In addition to the Bulletproof™ program, clients are offered biohacking around anti-aging/beauty, stress management, heart coherence, and biofeedback. We also offer hybrid programs to assist in Executive Coaching, Communication Coaching, and Career Coaching.

We are creating a new Immersion Series due out  Fall 2017. We’d love your input! Take this short survey and shape our next offering. 

There are dozens of certified coaches, how do you choose one? You choose one that fits your needs and communication style. Although a consultation is the best way to determine that, who wants to call all the coaches to find the right fit? You can read my biography here, but these are some key points about my style of coaching:

  • I’m an executive leadership coach that focuses on authenticity and intent, emotional stability/intelligence, communication, and habit-based change
  • I use  science, neurology, physiology, psychology and biochemistry to biohack the achievement of goals
  • I have a direct communication style. My intent and focus is on your success in achieving your goals

We offer in-office sessions in Naples, Florida and Maui, Hawaii, as well as Skype/Zoom sessions. Prices start at $150/session, with discounts for packages.

We offer limited products from select partners. Currently we stock Bulletproof™ products, and Infinity Jars™. Bulletproof™ Coaching clients receive a discount on purchases made at Hunt Squared.

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