Changing jobs?

Changing Industries?

Can’t wait to break that glass ceiling you’ve hit?

Career Evolution™ is a consulting solution designed to fit any schedule or need, focused on changing your career.

  • Assessments on personality and natural talents
  • Goals based on what you want and need within your life, and your values
  • Skill alignment
  • Resume writing
  • Interview and negotiating techniques
  • Leadership skills:
    • Resilience and Mindfulness
    • Communication

We have a five-week program with levels of support that fit any need and budget:

  1. Basic: Complete program with email support ($99*)
  2. Intermediate: Complete program with individualized consulting in the beginning and the completion. ($349*)
  3. Advanced: Most complete program with four consulting sessions. Customize your goals and practice leadership skills. ($499*)

Are you a part of a reduction in force (RIF)? Your company may pay for this program.

Free 15 minute consultations available. Contact Us for more information or


*Prices subject to change