We are excited to announce all new online training programs that are available now.

Having trained thousands of people, and loving every minute of it, Hunt Squared has taken the next step to offer many of our training programs online. So many options, all from the comfort of your home, office, or local park! If you have internet, your class can be taken anywhere, and on any device.

  • Career Evolution, Online!: Ready to start that new career? Want to make a mid-career change? Need more insight on how to negotiate based on your value? This class is a four-week program that guides you through evaluating your skills, experience, and talent, aligning it with ideal jobs, and working towards securing those new positions.
  • Biohacking Beauty, The Kickstart: An introduction to biohacking your beauty and aging. Using science, you’ll learn so of the most current tips and tricks to looking your best. This is self-paced.
  • Biohacking Beauty 2017: This is a whole year of the most current biohacking beauty information! This content includes 2016, and all the new biohacking discoveries in 2017. It’s a great program itself or added onto the Biohacking Beauty Kickstart. It has new content added regularly.
  • Quality Assurance ePackage: This quick and easy program is for the small company that wants to create their first QA/Testing process. A simple process that focuses on risk management and business alignment. It includes reports, dashboards, ROI calculators, and instruction on how to use it all.
  • Executive Leadership: A disciplined approach to modern leadership that brings you from learning about mindfulness and presence, to evolving your communication style, then to working with top talent. Although we work towards aligning with corporate goals and objectives, we learn to bring humanity and science into creating the most successful teams. Enjoy success without the stress or conflict that usually tags along.
  • Resilience In Leadership: coming spring 2017. Six-week program with live sessions. Focus your leadership with authenticity, emotional stability, heart rate variability, commitment to evolve and grow, and the most comprehensive communication style available.
  • Certified Executive Coach: Do you have a successful coaching program? Do you run the training department at your company? Learn our propriety Executive Leadership coaching program to expand your own offerings. Certification includes training on coaching, but focuses more on the Executive Leadership coaching content. This is a three-month program that includes live sessions.
  • Biohacking Beauty, Feed Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body: A whole-you approach to being the best most amazing you ever. Dive into the science of aging, psychology, sociology, biochemistry, and all other types of biohacking to bring every area of your life into a successful state of bliss.

Many of the above programs can include consulting as an add-on. Some include live sessions in addition to the online content. More to come as we continue to expand our offerings! Have questions? Contact us