I find solutions to market and technology delivery problems. Combined legal, risk, and engineering expertise creates successful outcomes. I value communication, alignment, accountability, and commitment.

Prior experience and utilization:

  • Market and IT Alignment
  • IT optimization (SDLC, program management, quality and risk management; process and execution)
  • Third-Party Vendor/Client Relationship Liason
  • Program Audit and Realignment Recommendations
  • M&A Due Diligence Expert (IT Compliance, Human Assets/IP, IT Risk)
  • Investment Due Diligence Expert (IT Compliance, Human Dependance/Repeatability, IP, IT Risk)
  • Acquisition Integration Liason
  • Talent Attraction and Retention

These type of offerings aren’t unique, and many larger consulting firms offer them. What makes my success unique is that I focus on a successful result while fully integrating the people involved. I don’t succeed without you succeeding. You learn and grow with my assistance, you become better and stronger. You won’t rely on me to keep things moving forward. Once I’m done, you’re fully capable of continued success.

Others make you rely on them. I help become more capable of relying on yourself.

Offerings include retainer-based/on-demand time, set time, or project/program based. Virtual and on-site available. For prices and other general information, click here.

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