Resilience In Leadership Series

Effective leadership requires strength of character, emotional stability, a constant and committed desire to evolve, and a foundation based on helping others succeed. 

Resilience is the newest tool in high personal and professional performance. It (resilience) is the ability to navigate through life situations in order to achieve your goals in the most positive and optimized way possible. Corporate goals, team alignment, innovation, relationships, and personal health improve when you evolve your resilience.

  • Do you manage projects with tight timetables and high standards?
  • Do you manage high-performance teammates?
  • Are you looking to optimize your team’s performance?
  • Does work impact your personal life in a negative way?
  • Are you looking to make significant corporate or team changes?
  • Do you experience stress that affects your work or personal performance?
  • Would you like to think more clearly and have ensured that all of your actions further your goals?

Resilience In Leadership solves for these situations through:

  • Authenticity, your intent
    • Your authentic self should drive all your actions
    • Your authentic self should be based on your goals, morals, and values
    • Authenticity is your truth
    • Check your intent
  • Emotional Stability and Heartrate Variability training
    • Emotional stability is the capability to absorb, reflect and respond with purpose
    • It’s appreciating your emotions, but choosing to respond with a proactive and thoughtful action (not an emotional reaction)
    • Heart rate variability, the science of resilience and how the heart and brain work together

“Just remembering to be thankful affected neuron density in both the ventromedial and lateral prefrontal cortex.”

  • Evolving as a leader and a team, a curious and open mind
    • Personality types, knowing and leveraging that information
    • Always learning as a leader
    • Being curious about new things, and open to change
    • Keeping an open mind, not get stuck in the “this is how it’s always been”
    • Only way to grow is via change, and only risky change develops grit, courage, and major growth
  • Communication, relate/respect/release
    • You own the impact and message
    • Understanding your audience
    • What’s your intended message
    • Relate; what does this mean to your audience
    • Respect; they’re people with fears, goals and a life of their own
    • Release; release your own fears, check your intent, and take action in communicating towards your message

“Creating intention and setting goals engage the prefrontal cortex which reduces anxiety and increases dopamine production.”

Coaching evolves these skills through a confidential and goal-oriented process. Goals often align to corporate objectives and ensure career success. Work on the whole you to experience accelerated success, both professionally and personally.

Start today with a complimentary consultation. Master these skills via executive coaching*, or online training (coming soon). Discounts for multiple session plans, or small groups. For prices and other general information, click here.

Elle Hunt is a licensed and certified coach. Many corporate wellness programs and training plans reimburse for executive coaching. Please check with your HR group. 


For more information on Heartrate Variability:

* All coaching takes place via Skype or Zoom; in-person sessions are available at an additional cost.

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