Leadership and Executive Coaching

Effective leadership requires strength of character, emotional stability, a constant and committed desire to evolve, and a foundation based on helping others succeed. 

Advance your insight and gain greater control of your goals and performance. Specialty areas include leadership, team/talent management, issue management (managing the daily fires), performance and efficiency, transparency, stress management, resilience, and communication while utilizing:

  • Cognitive behavioral coaching: habit based change
  • Biohacking: science-based options for specific results
  • Biofeedback: data-aligned measurement for objective growth

My specialties are:

  • Resilience In Leadership: Four key areas that are foundational for successful leadership.
  • Resilience (stress and change): enrich your “grit”, your flexibility, your presence, and your emotional stability
  • Emotional Intelligence: communication, conflict resolution, risk taking, accountability
  • Leadership/Team Coherence; communication, creativity, curiosity, commitment
  • Strategy/Innovation: market alignment, risk mitigation, short and long-term success

I’ve primarily worked with CEO’s, CIO’s and CTO’s due to my career as an IT Executive and Executive Consultant. Coaching offers a blend of both personal and professional enrichment, with goals aligned to both. Results are quick, and build on each other.

Coaching frameworks can align with current goals and objectives in order to ensure career success.

  • Market alignment and goals
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups, what it takes to get started from business planning and metrics, exit strategies, funding, and budgets, to talent acquisition and retention, physical and emotional health
  • Career planning, transitions
  • Team management

I offer office, on-site, and Skype session options, and have worked with clients globally. Initial consultations are always complementary. For prices and other general information, click here.

Elle Hunt is a licensed and certified coach. Many corporate wellness programs and training plans reimburse for executive coaching. Please check with your HR group.

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