Our Services

Coaching helps you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success. Through a safe and confidential environment, we will help you identify gaps and create an action plan with support and accountability necessary to ensure sustained commitment and the highest results possible.

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching: Advance your insight and gain greater control of your goals and performance. Specialty areas include entrepreneurs, start-ups, team/talent management, issue management (managing the daily fires), performance and efficiency, transparency, stress management, resilience, and communication.
  • Resilience In Leadership: four foundational aspects to successful leadership.
  • Certified Bulletproof™ Coaching: Official program of Dave Asprey, the Bulletproof™ Executive.
  • Wellness Coaching: General wellness, biohacking, activity, sleep… whole body and cognitive programs customized for your goals.
  • eSports Resilience Coaching: Biohacking and resilience training to support the high-demand needs of eSport professionals. Individual and team programs available.

All programs include resilience training and communication, as they are foundational to success in all goals. Resilience is emotional control and the ability to absorb, reflect, and respond with positive and goal-oriented actions. Communication is the connection we have with all humans, and within all relationships. We strive and work for effective, and mature, levels of emotional responses coupled with strong communication skills.

Elle Hunt is a licensed and certified coach. Many corporate wellness programs and training plans reimburse for coaching. Please check with your HR group.

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