Signs Of A Great Boss

Leadership is a talent, it is not a title. All of our great leaders, and our personal favorites we have worked with, tend to take their role as a leader seriously. Here are some top traits of great Bosses and tips to nurture these traits in yourself.

Higher Mozzarella Cheese Consumption Correlates to Higher Engineering Doctorates!


This should prove to you, once and for all, that you should NOT believe the statistics you read without asking significantly more questions.


Significantly more.


Tyler Vigen thought it interesting enough to create a website dedicated to the humor in misleading statistics. His charts show that correlation does not necessarily mean causation. But considering how often people quote statistics, I fear most fail to see the complexity in the math. Just google “statistics” and you’ll see over six million results. Some educational, some to inform, many/most are statistics themselves. If you were major in Statistics, you’d be learning math and science, theory, sociology, psychology, and the various principles used to analyze data. If you’re good at analyzing data (, you can use statistics to… drive business, solve problems, create problems, cause trouble. Like any great power, it comes with great responsibility. That responsibility lies on those who report the statistics, but it also lies on those who consume it. You.


Have you ever heard the statistic that we only use 10% of our brain? I hope you never used that quote yourself. You’d be laughably wrong. Another survey shows how entire populations can be wrong because they misunderstand statistics.


The moral of today’s story: be wary of the statistics you read, and even more diligent if you plan to use them for anything. Look into the cause. Find fact in causation and influence. And lastly… do not quote anything until you do 🙂


100% of people who read this story will have found it on the internet.


Eminem, Stupidity or Risk, And Other Stuff I’ve Been Meaning To Write About

One of my favorite Eminem songs is Without Me. Imagine my (joyful) surprise to hear the song as the new Despicable Me II trailer soundtrack! My husband and I laughed at the choice, but we love it. The song will require some obvious editing to play nicely within this movie, but I love the risk! It takes real talent to mix adult humor within a kids movie without said humor becoming trashy. Looks like Despicable Me II will be another winner 🙂

See the picture below? I often teach that risk is the only was to break out of the norm and create the new. I challenge you today to answer this: Was Caligula being stupid, or simply taking a risk? Back in those days the Roman people (and so many more cultures) believed in deities that ruled the ocean, air, weather, animals, love, etc. What Caligula did was take a huge risk against this unseeable god and fight him the only way he knew how. Did he learn something from it? Absolutely! Perhaps it was that Poseidon didn’t exist… or that he couldn’t be killed by simply attacking the ocean front. Think about it another way… if your known enemy was as large as the ocean, would you march up to it and bat away at the small waves? I think Caligula was brave, maybe arrogant, but very very brave. He was also a risk taker, and that’s what made him a leader.

All leaders will make mistakes, we are only human. But nothing new is learned without taking huge risks. Remember the great words of Captain Hindsight: “Hm. You see those windows on the right side? They should have built fire escapes on those windows for the higher floors, then people could have gotten down. And then on the roof; they should have built it with a more reinforced structure, so a helicopter could have landed on it.” – Captain Hindsight

Hindsight. Ha!

In other news, the new Violet Glass book, Devil In The Blue Dress, came out in May. The genre is scifi/fantasy/horror, although there’s some romance in it, I wouldn’t want anyone to mistakenly purchase it hoping to read the next great love story! Book three, The Mourning After is due late this year. A non-fiction book, I Love Being A Girl, is due out 2013/2014. You can find the books on Amazon in both print and eBook. I promise my readers that my eBooks will always be less expensive than any print edition.

I have a bunch of Foodie Reviews to add, so stay tuned for those. Until next time… same bat time, same bat channel!

Also, coming up soon will be an IT series on the cost of quality and how to grow your organization from a testing focused team to one of quality management. You’re welcome to submit questions in advance!