A New Adventure!

Aloha Friends and Family!

2020 was an exciting year, wasn’t it? Our year was busy, and it included a transformation for Hunt Squared. After over five years of working with thousands of clients and organizations, we have closed. Although the COVID state closings were a significant impact for H2, it was a catalyst for change.

As of November 2021, I am a licensed real estate agent (and Realtor) in Connecticut and Massachusetts. I also have a partnership in Naples Florida (my home).

For those that know me personally, this was a natural next step as I move towards my retirement years. Over the last twenty plus years I have bought and sold dozens of homes. Some for personal use, many for investment. I have also volunteered time to be on the Collier County (Florida) Contractors Licensing Board. Instead of sharing my history here, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Speaking of following me…  Twitter, FaceBook, and Instagram! Or check out my website here.

I love real estate. One’s home is so personal, and so significant to the family. It’s not merely a transaction. It’s a life event. Sure, investment properties don’t have that level of emotional connection, but our homes do. And they always will. I’ve met some amazing agents in the past, and some that treated the process as a transaction. That’s not me. Knowing me as a leadership and wellness coach, you know that communication and resilience is my foundation. You also know my passion for my clients, and my perseverance for negotiation in the best interest of my “team”. My clients… you… are my team. I’m here to serve you, and would so appreciate your support if you have any real estate needs, or you know someone who does.

2020 was a a year of resilience. 2021 will be a year of action. How exciting! Whether or not you have real estate needs, let’s see in touch. Nothing is more supportive of your success than your own network. I’m in your network and I’m here to help.

May you stay positive, and test negative!

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