August 2020 Update

Aloha! As of August 2020, Hunt Squared will not be accepting any new coaching clients.

If you are an inactive client and would like to schedule a session, please do so by the end of the month.

Hunt Squared is changing direction and will make some website changes over the next two months. All current clients, or inactive clients that would like to schedule sessions, will be maintained indefinitely.

We thank you for your support and personal success over the last six years. Some content will remain on the site, but most content will be archived. The external store will remain since so many clients receive a heavy discount. For those without a discount, use VIP20. If there is any article you’d like to reference in the future, we recommend you save it now.

Remember that fear is a liar, not a virtue. Stay happy, mentally strong, healthy, and focused on your goals and their success.