Stop Talking About Global Warming!

… and start talking about Global Toxicity. Let’s face it, global warming is one (big) outcome of us poisoning the Earth, but it isn’t the only one.

Have your local stores recently banned the use of plastic bags? Maybe your favorite restaurant has stopped using straws? All good starts, but let’s not fool ourselves… we still have bottled water, cosmetics and toiletries in plastic, and huge amounts of packaging. I used those little plastic bags… I don’t reuse the plastic shampoo bottles. And I’m afraid many local trash management places don’t really recycle.

Although I’m all for more recycling, we have to look at the root cause… use. We need to cut use. We need to reduce consumption. 

And Global Toxicity doesn’t stop with plastics, it’s about all of our trash, our increasing consumption, our depletion of natural states for additional housing and food.

We want and need affordable housing, but how do we do this without clearing more land? We need to feed the ever-growing population, but how do we do this without damaging the natural state of our environment? We want to encourage family and community, but how do we do this without encouraging travel, building? Sure, we have some great minds working on some of these issues… but we all need to be thinking and taking action.

We each need to take responsibly. It’s not about protests, or activism, it’s about actions. And it’s not always about the big things… not everyone can drive an EV. It’s about all the choices you make that could be better for our Earth.

  • Look for “naked” products (products that come without packing)
  • Look into solar options for your house (some states even have a $50/m no-contract lease options)
  • Consider an electric vehicle when you next need one (this won’t work for all people just yet, but considering whether it will work for you is an action you can take)
  • Use reusable bags for all shopping, bring your own reusable straws to restaurants
  • Look for and buy products that come in easily biodegradable packing
  • Most importantly… be an example, not simply an “activist”… your actions always speak louder than your words

I’ll be adding this to our foundational elements of personal optimization (emotional resilience and purposeful communication). All our actions need to bring light to others. Whether that’s with your physical wellness, emotional health, your ability to communicate clearly and with positive purpose, and your positive impact on this Earth, your actions are what define you.

You have the ability to better yourself, your life, your circumstances… start now. Need some coaching? Reach out and schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Many employers pay for wellness and leadership coaching from licensed and certified coaches. Ask your HR department about that today.

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