Accountability August! Top 5 Tips…

Never has accountability been more important. Here are the top five things you can do to be more accountable and experience greater peace, happiness, and success!

  1. Stop being negative! Don’t play the “blame game”. Is there something in your life you don’t like? Someone you don’t like? Let it go… by finding a positive, uplifting, gratitude-centered response or solution. This negativity poisons you, and if you perpetuate it by taking negative action you continue to poison yourself. Be the light… always.
  2. Reflect inwards and look at how you can improve. Each day… take the feedback and look at how you can be your best person yet. You needn’t admit this to others, but you must admit it to yourself. Ask yourself what three things you can improve on this month, and take action.
  3. Fix that you’ve wronged. It’s not always possible to apologize, but do it if you can. If not, forgive yourself, forgive others, and ensure that you don’t add more harm.
  4. Look to yourself to solve problems, create success, bring light to your life and the lives of others. Don’t wait for someone else to help you, or for the “right opportunity”… make your goals a reality today. Understand that your choices have consequences and ensure yours are positive, good, and bring joy to all.
  5. Ask yourself daily “Did I feed the good in my wolf, or did I feed the negative?”. Use these next few weeks to do this, daily. Keep a log of what you see in yourself and what you’re doing to add more positivity and accountability to your life.

Accountability is first about you, then about how you respond to others. It is both. You choose to feed the good, the positive, the forward-thinking, the gratitude, the love, the success, the light. Or you don’t. You are fully accountable for this. Use the next six week, 42 days, to create a new habit of accountability. Let me know how this goes!

You cannot hold someone else accountable until you first hold yourself accountable. Asking yourself “how do I hold myself accountable” is the first step. ~ Elle Hunt

You may find you have greater accountability in some aspects of your life, and poor accountability in others. This is normal. Take 15 minutes and note which areas could use improvement and focus on those this month.

You have the ability to better yourself, your life, your circumstances… start now. Need some coaching? Reach out and schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Many employers pay for wellness and leadership coaching from licensed and certified coaches. Ask your HR department about that today.

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