ProLon Review: My Five-Day Fast

With all the nutrition and diet advice out there it’s tough to determine what’s a fad versus a real benefit. ProLon, and the 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet, are the real-deal… and backed by science!

Have you heard about ProLon? If not, take a quick look here on what it’s about, and some of the significant science behind it. To summarize, it’s a five-day fast with food.

For many, the prospect of foregoing food for any prolonged period of time seems scary, even dangerous. But over the last 20 years countless studies and new discoveries have validated the incredible health benefits associated with caloric restriction as well as various fasting protocols. These benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Visceral fat reduction
  • Cellular clean-up (an incredible process called autophagy)
  • Helping maintain a healthy metabolism

We’ve concluded that fasting done safely and wisely can play a crucial role in promoting overall health and longevity. As such, we are happy to incorporate fasting opportunities into our practice.

Maximizing benefits with a “prolonged fast”

One of the most beneficial forms of fasting is what’s known as a “prolonged fast.” This is 2 or more days of little or no caloric intake. But compliance for a prolonged water-only fast can be difficult, daunting even. Thankfully we recently discovered a new program to help: ProLon.

ProLon is a 5-day low calorie, plant-based meal program that provides the same benefits of a water-only fast, but with food. It is the first “fasting mimicking diet” ever created, and it really works!

Safer than water-only fasting, ProLon is convenient, simple, and delicious. With this plan, the body is “tricked” into fasting mode while eating tasty foods like fresh olives, hearty soups, and sweet nut bars.

Hunt Squared did a Fasting Week with many of our clients. We started on Saturday, April 13, 2019. ADD MORE TEXT ABOUT THE OUTCOME.

Day By Day… my personal experience:

Day One: Day one was easy peasy. It’s a ton of food compared with the other days. I had no hunger at all. Totally normal day. The food was pretty good… except the minestrone soup. I didn’t like that at all, lol! Although I kept the activity down, I had plenty of energy. Ruined one tea bag trying to open the little pouch it came in… bummer.

Day Two: Got through the morning and afternoon just fine. Didn’t feel hungry or tired. The mushroom soup isn’t a favorite either… rather bland. I’ve come to see how peckish I am in the afternoon and evening. I’m not a big breakfast person (never have been),  but I’ve always nibbled throughout the afternoon and evening. This becomes a noticeable change when fasting!

Day Three: Wasn’t nearly as bad an anticipated! I felt great… plenty of energy, no headaches. Your results may vary, but I attribute the ease to the fact I eliminated sugar the week before the fast… and my genetic resilience to just about anything.

Ive decided I’m not a fan of the soups. The tomato soup is tolerable, but the other soups are not. So much so that I had the “crap” soup for lunch, saving the tomato for dinner (when I’m usually more hungry). No choco-crisp today… bummer! But those kale chips are yummy!

Day Four: So far so good. This plan has been easy, although I haven’t noticed any changes. Patience… I plan on weighing myself on transition day, and again after all three months have been completed. I actually didn’t finish my dinner soup… wasn’t that hungry. But yes… if you were wondering… that choco-crisp was devoured 😉

Day Five: Last day! It’s now an expectation I’m prepared for. Bar in the morning, soups for lunch, crackers mid-day, then soup again. I’m planning my meal for tomorrow too. Some oats for breakfast, for sure… but I’m not quite sure what else. Likely these new Real Good enchiladas. These things are amazing, and they’re high protein and low carbs. I am going to cook this weekend… making some keto desserts (either thanks to Foods With Benefits, or Trim Healthy Mama S).

Transition Day: I thought I’d be starving, but I wasn’t. My first meal of the day  was some organic and locally made granola. It has honey in it… and tasted super sweet. I barely ate the rest of the day. I had some sushi for dinner, very much loving the additional protein. It’s what my body craved the most… protein.

Other clients participating in Fasting Week:

  • “It was much easier than expected”
  • “The L-Bars are amazing! Can we buy these separately?” (Yes!)
  • “I was hungry on the third day, but feeling normal by day four”
  • “I lost five pounds!”
  • “I had so much more energy than I expected”
  • “I felt clean, clear, focused”

The studies use a three-month protocol and have experienced maximum benefits from this. We and our Fasting-Week clients have committed to all three months! Such a commitment is not easy,  but with rewards like this the success is worth it.

Want to participate in our next Fasting Week (May 11-15th, 2019)? Contact us to schedule a free 15 minute consultation, then purchase your ProLon kits!





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