Holiday Buying Guide- 2018

It’s that time of year again and we are here to help with your optimization gifting needs!

As we did last year, we will combine some of the tech, wellness, etc items in one article. There are no “associate” links, so please feel free to share or use whatever app/store you’d like to buy these items from.

  • Echo Dot: The newest generation is amazing. It’s just like the big Echo but smaller. Speaker is greatly improved and much louder. Need an Echo in the bedroom? Bathroom? Guest room? This is the Echo for you. ($24-50)
  • Echo Show: The screen is now HUGE! I love this device. If you’ve embraced home cameras you can use this device to view them (Arlo is out top recommended product!). Ask a question, see the answer. ($175-230)
  • iPad: This is my go-to device for just about everything. Now Apple has many versions to suit your needs. I only recommend the Mini as a home automation device, as the others are much more powerful for a similar price. The new Pro line is amazing, with huge screen and facial recognition. Not quite a computer replacement, but close! ($250-1500)
  • Apple Watch Series 4: This is my top fitness product this year. Yes, I still love vibration plates, infrared saunas, and a good yoga set… but the Apple Watch is now a must-have for wellness. ($350-850)
  • Vitamin D3/K: Your bones, your skin, and your hormones will thank you. ($20)
  • Magnesium: Sleep better at night and feed your brain. ($20)
  • Fatco Fatstick: Still a must-carry product. Sure, it’s huge, but it works for everything. I have about six of these… purse, car, bedside, bathroom, etc. ($10)
  • Primal Pit Paste: Healthly deodorant that works. Use twice a day (morning and night) for ongoing protection. ($8-14)
  • Bee Friendly products: This and The Ordinary are my favorite Biohacking Beauty™ products. Love everything they offer. ($25-50)
  • The Ordinary: Same as above! This line is amazing, and the prices will blow your mind. For specific recommendations visit the Biohacking Beauty™ product recommendations. ($4-25)
  • Timbuk2: The executive’s brand of backpacks and laptop bags. Extreme functionality with high quality and great looks. ($50-450)
  • Zest Tea: Tea with extra caffeine… added with tea extract. ($14)
  • Gamma Ray glasses: Like the FatStick, I have these everywhere. They block blue-ray light, and can come with magnification for those of us that use reading glasses (cheaters!). ($14-18)
  • Three Coaching Sessions, package: Know someone who wants to kickstart their optimization? This is the beginning package for them! Three sessions to get them started. Contact us to purchase ($225).

Need some more personalized suggestions? Email me and I’ll help you find the very best gift for your wellness or leadership enthusiasts in your life.


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