Reviews: Zest Tea and MaryRuth Organics

There’s a new tea on the block, and it’s giving coffee a run for its money! Plus I have an updated review on one of my favorite organic brands!

I’ve been a coffee drinker for many, many years. Recently making it a fat-ladened breakfast of sorts (last eight years). However, I’ve wanted to step away from coffee for one very simple reason: coffee breath. It’s awful, and fennel seeds are just not enough, or as convenient, as I’d like.

I wasn’t quite ready to give up my caffeine though. I don’t have to… I found Zest Tea. Woohoo! A delicious tea with as much caffeine as coffee. My favorites are Blue Lady, and Green Tea Mojito. Easy to make, no jitters, and the typical lovely breath of a tea drinker!

Yes, it certainly can be made into a fat tea! I’d choose a black tea for that, like their Earl Grey. Want to drink the tea plain but still take in some awesome fats? Reach out and I’ll send you some suggestions. If you’re on Maui, I offer a limited selection for purchase. They’re also available on their site, or on Amazon.

I’ve tested a lot of supplements, and too many vitamin/mineral types to count. High-quality sources and manufacturing are key to a great supplement. This is why I keep going back to MaryRuth Organics.

This brand kicked off some face and body products a couple of years ago, but what really makes them stand out are their vitamin products. The five above are my key five. A morning and evening multi, a D3/B12 combo, K2, and CoQ-10. They do have a probiotic I have yet to try… so I’m not ready to recommend it.

These are yummy, easy to take, super high-quality sources and manufacturing, and a great combo of all the right nutrients. The liquids must be refrigerated, but I keep all in there… I live in Hawaii, so almost everything goes into the fridge! Their K2 is soy free, and when you’re taking a D supplement a K helps with absorption. B12 is a favorite of mine for energy and metabolism. CoQ-10, it’s great for cell metabolism. I’m generalizing, so research your needs, or speak to your physician if you have particular questions. Need some nutritional coaching? We offer goal-based programs that fit you specifically… reach out for more information.

MaryRuth Organics can be purchased from their site, and from Amazon.

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