Biohacking Beauty™: Spring 2018

Fresh new year, fresh new you… and a ton of new products tested! Biggest Biohacking Beauty™ article yet!

Products discussed (I receive no compensation from recommending products, or you using the links):

  • Tretinoin  This is the fountain of youth in a tube*. This cream works to limit wrinkles, clear skin, lighten skin, and create a quicker turn-over of healthy skin cells. With continued use, your skin will be clear, smooth, even textured, even colored… glowing.
  • Olay MagneMask  With two key ingredients, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 and niacinamide, you have an anti-wrinkle compound paired with an anti-inflammatory. I use this every-other night (even nights). This particular formula uses magnetic polarity to increase its absorption. I’ve replaced all other nighttime moisturizers with this and have experienced soft, hydrated skin, with significantly less flaking than I normally have (since I use tretinoin). A little goes a long way; the starter jar has about 3-4 months worth of product. The full-size jar will have twice that.
  • My own facial sugar scrub (recipe below). I use this in the shower for the most amazing softness and exfoliation. All organic, totally edible, and wonderfully nurturing for the skin. Why pay $20/oz or more buying his quality scrubs when you can make it at home for $2/oz. I’ve given a few samples away recently and received the best feedback. This recipe makes about 16oz. I put it in Infinity Jars… a large one for the whole batch, then a small one to bring into the shower (three facials worth).
  • Deciem Original Serum Foundation This stuff is wonderful! I often recommend a moisturizer/sunscreen with a slight tint since physical sunscreens can make you white. This very inexpensive serum foundation solves for it in one jar. It’s sheer/medium coverage with SPF 15. Use so very little, like 2-3 drops! Absolutely gorgeous when you’d like the natural and sheer look. This is my new everyday treatment.
  • Deciem Original Coverage Foundation   I didn’t think this had more coverage than the serum formula. I liked it. If you’re looking for a full coverage formula, this isn’t it. It may give a slightly more covered look than the serum… slightly, but hardly worth buying if you’re looking for more. It also tens to crease, meaning it sits on the skin and becomes more obvious in wrinkles/movement-areas like under your eyes and around your nose.
  • Fatco Oil Cleanser   This is my nighttime cleanser. I put a few drops of water on a cleansing pad, a few drops of this, and cleanse the face. Take another pad to rinse off (if I was wearing mascara). Super simple and doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils. Cleans off excess oil, daily dust and such, sunscreen, and light foundation type products. Also removes mascara with ease.
  • Deciem Ordinary “Buffet”   This is a multi-purpose anti-aging, perfecting serum. It’s got all the latest stuff to reduce wrinkles, reduce inflammation, smooth skin, reduce discolorations, increase moisture retention, etc.
  • Deciem Ordinary AHA 20% DHA 2% Peeling Solution  I’ve used many peeling solutions and I’d rate this one 7 out of 10. It’s not as strong as the PCA ones… but that’s probably wise for general use. Most people risk burning their skin if they don’t use the peels properly. This one is hard to screw up, yet it gives a pretty good result. Follow the directions for first-time use, and go from there. I can keep it on my neck and chest for 20+ minutes without issue. Please note that if you’re a regular tretinoin user you do NOT need this on your face. You can, however, use it for dark spot management. Use a q-tip to apply it to a discoloration. Start with ten minutes. If that wasn’t enough, try adding minutes on subsequent uses. Some skin is more sensitive than others.   Be sure to rinse off completely and use a calming oil like Borage afterward.
  • Deciem Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Press Rose Hip Seed Oil  This and the Marula are noted here. I’ve also used their Sea Buckthorn and Borage oils. Oils have different uses, hydration, protection, and anti-inflammation. I have a selection of oils to use as my skin needs. Buying them from Deciem makes this super affordable!
  • Deciem Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil  
  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt, Detox Ginger and Clay   This is one of my favorite bath luxuries. Epsom salt is lovely for the skin, softening and calming. It’s also an excellent way to get a little more magnesium into your system (yes, you absorb it!). This one smells amazing (scent is personal, you may hate it!).
  • Latisse  This stuff is amazing… helps your lashes grow darker, longer, and thicker. No joke, and it works on absolutely everyone. I’ve had some people remind me that a side effect is that it might darken your eye. Yes, they do claim that… but having hazel eyes (gold, green, and brown) they haven’t changed a bit. Nor have the dozens of my clients that use Latisse. This is a top, must-use, biohacking beauty product.
  • Fatco Big Stick  This is my everything stick. I have maybe six to ten of these floating around. Bedside, bathroom, purse, travel bag, by my book-reading corner, etc. I use this on my lips, under my eyes, and anywhere I want a quick moisturizer. It smells amazing (lavender, mint, and hints of chocolate from the cocoa butter).  It’s my go-to gift… everyone loves it.
  • Mascara. No link? Yes, no link. There are so few that I like, much less one that I love. I usually don’t wear mascara, but when I do I want it to darken and lengthen my lashes without clumps or flakes. I want my lashes to remain soft, and I don’t want them damaged by the mascara. I’ve recently tried Milk Kush Mascara. It’s a 7 of 10. Really lengthen and darkens. It’s very conditioning. It’s a little clumpy due to the lengthening particles though. If I remove some off the brush first I get a less clumpy application.
  • Dior Lip Glow  This stuff is so cool! Unfortunately, you’ve got to try them to truly understand the colors, as they develop differently on everyone (to an extent). Like the bright purple one is actually a mauve on me (which I love!). Very conditioning, but doesn’t stay on long… has to be applied often. It’s more of a tinted moisturizer.

Using foundation:

  1. First and foremost, use the coverage you want… do NOT “layer”. I really hate it when I see a foundation state it can go from sheer to full with “layering”. If the formula wasn’t meant for full coverage it will look fake and caked on when you add more. Fret not! Deceim Ordinary has you covered (pun intended!). They offer both a serum (sheer/medium) and full coverage foundation for about $7 each. Yes, for $14 you can get both! Use the coverage you want for that day/event. I love the serum for most days. It has a SPF of 15, is super light-weight, and looks great. However, many women love the “canvas” look… airbrushed and flawless. Spend some time finding the right one for you. I like super sheer and natural. The Deciem ones fit that bill while adding hydration, protection, and SPF.
  2. If you have some flaking, any foundation will show it. Your options are slim, but you can try extra moisturizer that has been allowed to fully absorb and/or physical exfoliation (don’t make it raw though!)
  3. Note that with greater coverage comes great visibility. People will be able to tell you’re wearing make-up. There is no such thing as natural and full-coverage. Even the most “natural” look is obvious when the user wears a full-coverage foundation plus other items (like blush, bronzer, powder, etc.) I’ve decided to call it what it is… natural means you’re not wearing make-up… lighter colors are just that, lighter colors (the “nude” tones). If you like to wear a lot of makeup that’s okay, and please don’t think you need to downplay it by calling it anything else. Don’t compare your makeup habits to anyone else. If you like it, or dislike it, it doesn’t matter… do what makes you feel best and be secure with it.

Using Tretinoin:

  1. Only use at night.
  2. Use daily or every other day until you achieve a light peeling and the desired result (reduced discoloring, reduced shallow wrinkles, increased smoothness), then reduce to weekly use.
  3. If you’re particularly sensitive, mix with calming natural oils like Sea Buckthorn and Borage.

My day:

  • AM: Toner to freshen my face and remove overnight oils (like sea buckthorn).
  • AM: Tinted SPF/moisturizer. Sometimes I may add additional SPF or moisturizer oils.
  • AM: Fat stick on lips (and used throughout the day)
  • AM: Hair moisturizer (for another post!)
  • PM: Oil cleanser to remove tinted moisturizer and gently cleanse
  • PM: Either “Buffet” or Olay MagneMask, then oils based on need
  • PM: Latisse
  • PM: as needed: Vitamin C treatment, tretinoin
  • Shower: sugar scrub, and peel as desired
  • Rarely: mascara and lip color… which requires more cleanser at night

* References:

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Facial Sugar Scrub Recipe:

Coconut oil, 8oz, Cacao butter, a few small chunks, Honey, 4-5 tablespoons, Bee pollen, 1/2 cup, Lavender oil, I use a full dropper full, maybe a little more, Sea buckthorn oil, full dropper full, Clary sage oil, full dropper full, Sugar (enough to soak up all the oils/fluids… a few cups)


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