Home Automation- An Introduction

The “why” and “how” to get started with smart home automation.

If a doorbell is $10, why bother spending $199 on a “smart” one?

For many people, the $10 option will be just fine. But think about it this way, for $199 you can answer that door from anywhere in the world, talk to the visitor, and even see the people who come to your door without ringing the bell. Security and convenience for $199.

Most of my Smart Home Automation clients initially want to address one of two needs: 1) security and visibility, or 2) helpful home use.

For security, options like the Ring doorbell, Arlo cameras, garage door sensors, and smart door locks can give the homeowner peace of mind while home, or away. Imagine seeing the inside and outside of your property whenever you’d like. When you hear a disturbance outside you activate the outdoor lights and cameras to record. With one switch, or voice command, you lock all doors, close and lock the garage, and arm your cameras. These solutions are super easy to implement and add instant value.

Turning on and off the lights, dimming them, adding items to a shopping list (that emails you the list on command), add events to your calendar, start a bath and dim the bathroom lights, starting or stopping the vacuum, letting a family member know it’s dinner time, or adjusting your sprinklers without having to walk around the yard. These are just a very small sampling of the things to can “make smart” in your house. Easy to get started, and you can always add more functionality.

Some of my favorite, and foundational, items to get you started on your smart home automation:

  1. Amazon Echo (or Echo Plus) and Amazon Show ($99/$149 and $229)
  2. iPad Mini ($399)
  3. Hue Lights ($60)
  4. Ring Doorbell ($199)
  5. Arlo Cameras ($442)

There are many items you can add like door locks, thermostats, garage doors, irrigation systems, switches, and more. You can add depth to the functionality with custom set up, and the use of tools like IFTTT. Need help? Contact us for a consultation and get started on making your home smart and FUNctional!

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