The Best Gift Guide Ever- Something For Everyone

Normally I do a tech gift-guide every year, but I’ve received requests from other groups to put together a list for them… here they are 😉 

For your tech friends:

  1. Amazon Show ($229) A foundational piece to my home automation. I add things to my shopping list, ask questions, turn on and off lights, answer the doorbell, check my security cameras, call other rooms/people, and set timers. Many more uses, all easy. Automatically updating and learning new skills.
  2. Apple Watch 3– with LTE ($399) The one with the red dot is LTE (cellular service). It’s been way cool leaving the house with just the watch and being able to answer calls and texts. Great for quick trips, beach walks, etc. I’m addicted to asking Siri to add things to my calendar, or add items to lists. No need for the phone to be anywhere near me. Apple and Amazon have a shared default calendar so all my things are synchronized. Magical 😉
  3. iRobot Vacuum (varies, 980 roomba $799) It works with Alexa and set on a timer. This thing keeps my house Khan-free (chihuahua that sheds more like a 125 pound dog versus a 5 pound dog.)
  4. Ring Doorbell ($199) See who’s at your door whether they ring the bell or not. Answer and speak to your guests. If your door lock is also “smart” you can unlock the door remotely to let them in. Works with Alexa.
  5. Arlo Cameras (initial set of three, $442) Amazing clarity and reliability. Has motion detection, sirens, two-way audio, and works with Alexa (via Smartthings hub). View the cameras, or Ring doorbell, from the Show. Very cool. Oh, also free cloud storage (limited).
  6. Hue Lights (starter set with four lights, $60) Turn on and off lights via Alexa (and a Hue hub OR the new Echo with built-in hub). This is a simple way to add lighting automation to your house. Another way is something like Insteaon, where you can automate anything connected to a power source.
  7. Orbi Mesh Network (starter set with three satellites, $550) A network solution for better coverage and bandwidth (my simplified explanation). I love it for home automation needs… and gaming/video)
  8. USB Charging Block ($25) For both travel and home use… this one has power to spare and is super reliable.
  9. Blue Light Reduction Glasses ($10) Good for your eyes, and comes in “cheater” magnification if needed.

For the INTJs in your life: if you’re very close to us you might know what we specifically want (and haven’t bought for ourselves), otherwise…

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Visa gift card
  3. Something edible. Tread carefully here and opt for either things you know they like, or something very unique.
  4. Something rare, unique, or odd. Doesn’t have to be expensive.
  5. A Visa gift card (yea, mentioned twice for a reason… we are very tough to shop for)

For the executives:

  1. Amazon Show (see above). Great gift for the executive who travels or works late. Keep in touch with family, use it as a digital picture frame, great virtual assistant, and can be connected to the same account as the home devices.
  2. Leadership Coaching. Every executive could learn more when it comes to leadership. Whether it’s about resilience, talent management, goal management, or cognitive performance, we all have room to grow and become more awesome. Leadership coaching is goal and growth orientated and tailored to the needs and expectations of the executive.
  3. A weekend vacation. It can be close to home, but something that focuses on disconnecting from work and responsibilities for two days. Nothing refreshes the brain better than something new and different.

For a better you:

  1. Performance Coaching. Work on making yourself more kick ass. Goal oriented using biohacking and cognitive behavioral coaching. It’s a confidential way to break your own glass barriers and create the life you’ve always wanted. It’s like the Executive Coaching, think about yourself as the CEO of your life!
  2. Please Understand Me. Learn about your personality type and communication styles.
  3. A focused retreat. This is like the weekend vacation, but based on the recipient’s personal goals. Maybe they like yoga or meditation, maybe they want to learn to skydive or shoot. A weekend learning a new skill, or practicing a loved skill, is great for the brain (and the soul!)
  4. Bulletproof Diet™ book. A diet protocol that balances ketogenic with low-carb. I like it because it focuses more on cognitive performance and anti-inflammation.

Have a particular need? Email me and I’d be happy to opine. The best gifts have absolutely nothing to do with price, but everything to do with giving from your heart. Use this season to celebrate the relationships you have.

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