Be Wise…

Choose wisely and experience the success that comes with it.

How it is when we meet a younger person that seems wise we call them old souls? Why is it we attribute wisdom with age? It’s because we usually learn from our experiences and make wiser choices later.

Instead of a list of things you should have learned by now (like “let go of the little things”… for real, “little” is subjective) I’ve made a list of things you can do to be open to your own internal wisdom:

  1. Listen to your intuition. Your subconscious thought processes data significantly faster than your conscious thought does. Since your brain favors patterns, it will “see” something far sooner. Ever met the person that just seems to know something, can read minds, has premonitions? It’s the use of their intuition and alignment with their subconscious processing, We all have this capability, although it’s easier for some people. You can develop it by paying attention to it. Notice the intuitive thought and make it conscious. Take action on it. These actions create the habit of recognizing intuitive thought and creating a greater subconscious/conscious connection. Many believe that intuition is the highest form of intelligence; I concur.
  2. Spend time training your brain to grow.  You need to keep an open mind in order to learn and become wiser. A closed mind rarely learns, and usually under great distress. Those lessons are often filtered by the negative experience and emotional reactions, thus they aren’t the ideal way to evolve. An open mind absorbs more, reflects, and decides with a proactive plan tied to personal goals and passions. Keep your mind open and be aware of filters, preconceptions, automatic responses (especially emotional ones), and self-destructive habits.
  3. Reinforce the good, recreate good from the bad. You’ve got a book of responses that you already own. It’s who you are. When you find a great habit of yours, reinforce it by using it daily. If you have a bad habit, work on creating a different response to whatever stimulus triggers that habit. Create a new and positive habit.
  4. Own your actions. Wisdom isn’t always making the perfect and best choices, it’s knowing and taking accountability when you don’t. Don’t be an ass, be an owl.

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