Ask Me Anything: June 2017

The first of a monthly series in which you ask the questions!

  1. What supplement stack are you taking? I change my stacks every couple of months due to my constant biohacking. The ones listed below have been tested and are currently considered my base “stack”. However, just because I’m taking them doesn’t mean you should.
    1. Quercetin, with bromelain
    2. Alpha lipoic acid
    3. Vitamin C
    4. Vitamin K2
    5. Piracetam
    6. Qualia
    7. Vitamin B12
    8. A probiotic
  2. What’s in your Bulletproof coffee? I use 10oz of coffee (either french press or keurig brewed, 1 TBSP butter, 1 TBSP MCT oil, and 3-4 TBSP cacao butter. It’s the cacao butter that makes it to-die-for. Sometimes I add cinnamon.
  3. What do you do for your skin (you’ve got great skin)? I’m combining this with another question I got about what’s my morning “facial” routine and what “make-up” I use. I use Tretinoin and Hydroquinone regularly, along with a morning and evening moisturizer, lip balm (FatCo Fat Stick), then sunscreen during the day. To wash my face I use an ultrasonic brush with mild cleansers (since I don’t wear make-up), or a toner. Great skin requires exfoliation and the tretinoin gives it a chemical exfoliation, while the brush a physical exfoliation. Hydroquinone manages “smoothness”, as it’s a lightener it reduces uneven skin tone. The sunscreen helps to mitigate damage. I get botox done twice a year, and have for ten years. I use Latisse on my eyelashes. This routine means I don’t have to wear any make-up to have a smooth face and long/thick lashes. If I do wear make-up it’s a bit of light mascara (makes them look insane) and some lip gloss. I like things simple, but highly effective.
  4. You talk about the MBTI INTJ personality, do you post about that somewhere else as well? Yes, I post on Quora, I’m new to Quora and I don’t think I’ll put much effort into staying active there. All my content will remain on this Hunt Squared website.
  5. How can I have a work/life balance? I get this question often… from people who take it seriously, and others who just lie through their teeth. Unless you’re willing to take action, there is no way you’ll manage a work/life balance successfully. Don’t bother asking me unless you’re committed to action. If you are ready to make some life changes, a work/life balance is a great goal. You need to decide what that goal looks like. What’s missing in your current life? What would the ideal “balance” look like in a day-to-day, whole life view? That will help you decide on what steps need to be taken to get yourself there. If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s hard to take steps forward. So, start with a 12-month view… and where you want to be in five years. Then break it down and ask yourself ” what do I need to change to make this happen”. This is the planning part… again, you MUST take action to make it happen. Talk is cheap, but some people use it as their sole currency.
  6. How do I stay focused on my goals? Knowing what “done” looks like is a huge motivator. That and commitment to change when that change is hard, frustrating, in the face of fear, or when the change seems unattainable. The only thing you cannot change is death…. everything else can be changed. Remind yourself that Fear Is A Liar and you own your happiness. Do not let anything stand in the way of your goals. Not. A. Thing. Be fearless.
  7. What’s the benefit of coaching (versus just researching what I need)? Objective support and expertise in making change successful. Ideally, you’re also leveraging the expertise of the coach in other areas of competency. A private and confidential environment that lends to accountability, and customized approaches, bring success in a more expedited timeframe.
  8. Do you like the Echo? How do you use it? I’m an early-adopter of technology, and anything brain related, so smart home/automation is my second favorite hobby (my first being biohacking cognitive function). The Echo works for me because I like options when it comes to input and control over my environment. Although I set “scenes”, and like sensor-based events, I wanted a way to control via my voice. The greater integration with IFTTT and smarthome hubs has made Echo a centerpoint to my home automation. I also use it for timers, general questions, messages and some calls, and lists. I have a few Echos, Dots, a Tap, and a few Shows.
  9. What’s your favorite workout? The one in which I get all the benefit and don’t have to leave my house: yoga and a vibration plate! I’m not a fan of gyms… too many people, and most (gyms) are not as clean as I require. Plus I’m not there to “make new friends”. My home gym is perfect. I have two vibration plates, yoga mats, free weights, some bands and ropes, a sauna, and various other gadgets. My recommendation for clients is: find whatever works for you, that you fully enjoy, and do that. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is popular now. You may love it, or not. Find what you love and do that. You’re more likely to stick with it if it engages more than your body. Yoga stretches me, keeps me super flexible, has weight bearing muscle development, and I can do it when traveling. The vibration plates are wonderful. Helps with achy muscles, lymph drainage, micro-muscle movement, and adds complexity if I stand on them while doing yoga poses. I’m not exercising to build large muscle, or to train for a marathon.  Do what works for you, just do something.
  10. How do you forgive someone when it’s so hard to forget? Depends on whether you need to, or want to, forgive them. It’s more about you. Does holding on to their mistake benefit you? Some people are just toxic. They’ll always lie, they are emotionally immature, they’re cowards. Forgive them only enough to let go of anger or frustration, but not to the point to where you let them back into your life. You are what you consume, and you need to eliminate consuming anything toxic. If they’re strong, remorseful, authentic in their apology, then forgive them. The forgetting part here is a reminder of what value they add to your life: they are a valuable part if they feed you with joy, trust, and connection.
  11. I can’t deal with this person anymore, what should I do about it? Depends on whether you have to deal with them anymore, and whether the problem is with you or with them. As noted above, you need to remove toxic people from your life. If this person is immature and you can remove them from your life then do. Absolutely zero value from these relationships. As for how, that depends on how emotionally mature you are. A mature person will consider respect (as a part of communication) a priority in resolution and closure. If you’re not emotionally mature, I’d recommend you work on that. What if you can’t remove the person from your life? That’s tough, and depending on the circumstance, it could be toxic and harmful. If you’re the one who is toxic/emotionally immature, look to this person that you can’t deal with from the perspective of modeling. Absorb, learn, and work on you. If they’re toxic, I recommend finding a way to remove them, even if it includes changing jobs, distancing yourself from family, dissolving a friendship/romance. There is no room for toxicity in your life and you are what you surround yourself with. Choose strong and engaging connections with healthy and supportive people.
  12. I am so overwhelmed right now. Please help! This is a general response to multiple things being asked of you, perhaps some frustration, and fear. One can be very busy yet not feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is when we feel we might not be able to resolve all that we need to. This is either due to fear, the lack of planning or strategic thinking, or both. Usually both. Fear lies, and although overcoming fear isn’t easy, it is something everyone can do. Work on being fearless. Some people are naturally good at planning xNxJs are best, xNxxs are pretty good, all others will have to work at it. The trick is to look ahead long-term, and plan actionable steps for short-term movement. You can’t be solely focused on the present, or solely focused on the future. You must see them as a whole, as the total you. You also need to objectively define “done”, or what you want the end result to look like. This allows you to refine if things aren’t working out the way you’d hope or intend, but also allows you to ensure success and the opportunity to make new goals once the others are accomplished. When you feel overwhelmed again ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen… that will help you find your fear. Address that, then define the things you need to accomplish.

Another Dirty Dozen, and a great set of questions for the first in the series. So keep them coming!

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