Qualia and AirPods… The Review

Kicking off 2017 couldn’t be more fun! This year starts with the hottest nootropic stack and the highly anticipated Apple headset. Let’s play!

For those of you who know me well, biohacking has been a hobby of mine since 2000. There is nothing that excites me more than finding a way to be more kick-ass, optimized, amazing and invincible. Haven’t found invincible yet… but I keep searching.

In my search for the best and most cutting-edge nootropic, I found Qualia. Absolutely the most comprehensive stack I’ve seen to date. Yes, there are other really great stacks, but nothing (yet) quite compares to the complete and brilliantly comprised formula they use. I don’t need to copy and paste their information… go to the site and read it yourself. You will be moved, you will be impressed, you will be curious. I was… so I ordered it.

I was equally impressed with the new Apple AirPods. Having the iPhone 7 Plus, I needed a headset… wireless. I’m not a fan of wireless headsets, but I knew I needed to get over my earlier experiences with Jawbone and accept the fact that wireless headsets are necessary. Fine. Ordered the AirPods and waited my obligatory five weeks.

Late January and both Qualia and the AirPods arrived the same day. Initial testing started on the 24th. And here we go!


Day One, Qualia: All the other reviews I read stated their first day was somewhat tough. Headaches or a little too much alertness were typical Day One results. Not for me! I felt great. I weigh less than their 120lb dose size of 2 step one capsules, 4 step two capsules, so I thought I’d surely have some minor side effects. Nope, none, zilch, nada. What I did experience was a calm and focused sense of energy and creativity. Way more calm and balanced compared to Modifinal, and more creative, focused and balanced (yea, I’ll try to find another adjective) than Piracetam (a go-to favorite of mine). Just to be transparent, I am taking my normal vitamin and anti-inflammatory supplements, but I won’t be taking Piracetam. I will also not add anything else this first month in order to best evaluate the product. I did notice that I had to force myself to remember to eat lunch. I don’t have any weight to lose, so I’ll have to be cognizant of that!


Day One, AirPods: Totally easy to connect to my Apple Infrastructure. Added to the phone by just opening up the AirPod case… then all iCloud connected devices had the AirPods available to use. Super, super simple. These puppies stay put, don’t move, and are comfortable. Sound is great for calls, webcasts, video/skype, and FaceTime. As for how they look, I like them. I’m sure they are a love or hate style… we will see how many clients mention them or mock me 😉




Day Four, Qualia: Day One was so dramatic, I’m a little disappointed at how I’ve adapted to it. I’m not experiencing the dramatic results. I also have some GI distress, but nothing overwhelming or day-altering. The emotional balance and linguistic improvement is quite noticeable. Let me explain… due to how my brain works (long story for later) I think much faster than I speak, and often have trouble putting my thoughts into words. What skills I have are due to significant practice. Qualia has made this a lot easier. The words come quickly, and it almost feels like my brain is more “open”, maybe even “accessible.” I’ve had no other negative side effects, like headache etc.

Day Four, Airpods: God these things are awesome. It’s like they know what device I’d like to use them on. I watching something on the iPad and they work… switch to the Mac, and so do they. Watching Netflix on the iPad, take a Pod out, and the show pauses. Sweet. Pop it in, starts back up. The ease of use and integration with my Apple Life is “magical”…. hahahaha. I’m no audiophile, but they sound good enough for me. But I also think my Echo is good, so take that as a baseline 😉


Day Eight, Qualia: Still not as remotely dramatic as the first day, and not as energetic. I do continue to experience the linguistic benefits, but I’m hard-pressed to say if they’re better than the piracetam I took prior to Qualia. I am feeling more apathetic. Sometimes that can be good, as it can make the over-thinking and analyzing I do much less bothersome. However, it can be bad, as I’m already an INTJ and not the most compassionate of souls. Hoping more time balances this out.

Day Eight, AirPods: I love these things. The sound within calls in amazing. Everyone hears me perfectly and the comfort is extraordinary. They’re so light, they’re barely noticeable in the ear. The case can go anywhere, even in the micro-purse that I carry. Battery life is good enough for a normal day… but I fear a long, phone heavy day, would suffer. Would need to bring the corded pods as back-up.



Day Thirty, Qualia: What a difference a month makes! Early days gave me the most obvious energy, but also had some of the most jarring mental and emotional effects. Let me explain “jarring”… new, unique, and not quite what I’d hope for. The apathy was the worst. I’m not really compassionate by nature, and I have to work on it when it comes to relationships. Qualia was not helpful the first two weeks. I really didn’t give a damn. Actually, that’s probably putting it lightly. Ever watch “House”? I was House. My mind opened to its full potential, linguistic capabilities were improved, the puzzles in life that I enjoyed were even easier and more obvious, but I did not give a damn when it came how others reacted to my new state of being. Their opinion, needs, feelings, often went without response. Good thing though… this balanced out week three. Now at Day Thirty, I have more compassion than before taking Qualia! I see a far more rounded view, a more complete picture, of everything and everyone. Even things that irritated me don’t (as much) anymore. I see a greater perspective. Don’t get me wrong, stupid stuff still bothers me. This is not a miracle cure for being an Ass. It did, however, bring a far more emotionally balanced perspective to the people I interact with.

Over the last thirty days I’ve experienced:

  • Noticeable improvement in anxiety
  • Solutions come to me more quickly and completely, and far more complete and objective
  • I have less emotional reactivity, I find it easier to reflect before responding
  • Fear/anger response is significantly less
  • More patience
  • Focus is amazing and multi-layered, seeing things from multiple perspectives is almost instantaneous
  • Creativity is improved, my brain feels like it’s fully “open”
  • Energy is constant throughout the day
  • Endurance (mental and physical) is improved
  • Will-power is significantly improved
  • Higher overall sense of well-being

Results may, or may not, be typical for you. Biohacking is very dependent on your own genetic make-up and biochemistry. However, if you’re open to neuro-stacks, I highly recommend giving Qualia a Thirty Day trial.. a full thirty days too. I see it being a great option for Type A personalities, XNTXs, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and others in high-performance/high-stress situations.


Day Thirty, AirPods: Honestly, not as exciting as the Qualia… but also not a single complaint or issue. They work great, last long enough for most days, are super easy to travel with and use, and just work seamlessly with all my Apple devices. Need a bluetooth headset to use within your Apple Lifestyle? Look no further than the Airpods.


Not biohacking your performance? You can always start today.

“Biohacking Beauty: Feeding Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body” (book by Elle Hunt) coming in 2017.

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