Leadership in 2017- Top Three Skills

Leadership isn’t a title, nor is it something you just do and forget. It’s a talent and skill you practice every day. Here are the top three skills for productive and successful leaders.

  1. Elevate your art of communication. If you work on nothing else this year, work on your communication. Nothing is more effective in motivating your team, expressing needs, or resolving conflicts than communication. Aim high. Your communication needs to balance impact and understanding, emotional resilience and maturity, clarity and open-mindedness. You need to be clear, read your audience, and communicate in a way that stimulates a positive response and action. You own the message and its impact.
  2. Lead by example, not by title or control. We all have had lousy bosses that were everything but a leader. Leaders lead… managers manage. Want to be an effective leader, you’re the one charging ahead and helping those that follow succeed and grow. You do this by example, support, mentorship, empathy, authenticity, and accountability. Step back and reflect… where are your strengths and where are your weaknesses. Use and refine your strengths and look for opportunities to resolve your weakness. As a leader, help your team grow as leaders themselves, and never promote someone to a leadership role unless they’re ready. Leadership isn’t tenure, it’s a talent and practiced skill.
  3. Optimize your own performance, every day. You can’t grow without effort and action. What are you doing to build resilience? Learn something new? Maintain healthy relationships? Have clear and focused thought? Be innovative and open-minded? Build brain elasticity? Keep your weight healthy? Keep your brain and body fed the right things? You’re a total and complete person and need to improve yourself as such. Optimize yourself in every way possible.

Being a great leader is a requirement if you lead people, please don’t take it lightly. You have the obligation to grow and evolve, strengthen your performance and influence others. It’s a short list, three things, so put a plan in place to assess these areas and plan for improvement/growth.

Need some help? Get a coach. Coaching helps you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success. Through a safe and confidential environment, we will help you identify gaps and create an action plan with support and accountability necessary to ensure sustained commitment and the highest results possible.


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