Kicking Off 2017

Choose to kick off 2017 by kicking-ass! Habits, perceptions and the social aspect of being your best.

You’ve all read the typical things that you should do to create a better life, but I want to give you detail, some space to reflect on the why, or how, around these. You can only control your response to life and its situations. Start this year by making those count.

  • The Past. I read a quote over the weekend that said “Don’t cheat on your future with your past, let your past go.” Your past is a roadmap on where you’ve been and what you’ve done. It should not be forgotten. You have lessons to learn and mistakes to avoid doing twice. You also had great accomplishments. Having said this, you do need to let go of anything negative you’ve created, especially fear. Don’t let fear, or other negative things you’ve experienced, impact or affect how you relate or respond now. Approach the present with an open mind, a trustful nature, and gratitude. 
  • Consider Yourself an Imperfect Perfection. What?!? Ever hear someone tell you that nobody is perfect, then you see all these self-help people telling you you’re amazing and perfect? WTH? What this really means is that you need to accept your gifts, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. When you make a mistake, be accountable, learn, apologize, and move on. Appreciate what you offer the world and the contributions your make. Choose, each day, to be the most amazing you possible… while committed to learn and grow more. 
  • Be nice. As an analytical thinker myself, I can tell you it’s difficult for me to just simply “be positive” about everything or everyone. Being nice has nothing to do with being right, being wrong, or being analytical. Being nice is all about your commitment to impactful communication. Nice doesn’t mean being a push-over, nor does nice mean being overly friendly when it’s not appropriate. Take, for example, when some yahoo almost runs into me because he’s texting while driving. Nice is not using profanity or derogatory remarks, but instead choosing a more positive response. Consider your goals in life, be nice… to yourself and others. Forgive as often as possible, let go of fear and pain, move forward on your goals and with those things (and people) that bring you joy.
  • Commit to Communicate. This is the most powerful and life changing habit you can make, to make your communication authentic and aligned. This commits you to assessing your thoughts, emotions, and goals and ensuring that what you say is absorbed and understood by your audience. This could be your work colleagues, family, significant other, friends, strangers, who ever. You own your communication impact, they don’t. Effective communication isn’t easy, and it takes patience and practice. But as I noted above, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. Make it the year you commit to communicate with authenticity, respect, and aligned impact. 
  • Use fear and pain as tools. Fear and pain have valuable roles in human evolution. They keep us safe. However, they aren’t meant to be emotional states we stay constant in. They need to be used as transition states… or states of action. When you sense fear or pain you need to step back, reflect, and decide with emotional maturity what to go. Everything you do, every action you take, should be in furtherance of your goals. You don’t live in fear, you use fear to drive you into action, then you’re no longer afraid.
  • Be Healthy. This is heart, soul, mind, and body. You are what you feed yourself… whatever you absorb affects you. This year eliminate sugar and processed carbs, add more organic proteins and fats, choose and take the right supplements, find and do the right exercise program, remove toxic people and places from your life, eliminate crap TV/Movies/Etc, be grateful, be authentic, be emotionally mature, keep an open mind and grow, heal and rest, and kick ass. Always find time to nurture your health and those that you love.
  • You aren’t a fragile snowflake. Nor are you a victim. Shit happens all the time, to everyone. Don’t let the current culture of “triggers” and personal trauma become a medium in your life. You own your response. Choose strength, courage, authenticity, accountability, and growth… every friggin’ day. 

We at Hunt Squared wish you a new year filled with love and gratitude and overwhelming success!


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