Biohacking Beauty: Summer 2016

Summer, the season of sunshine, vacations, the beach, outdoor BBQ… and sunburn, sweating, dry skin, over air-conditioned places, salt water and chlorine hair.

Summer can be a season of beauty as long as you know what changes need to be made to adjust for it!

  • MaryRuth Organics Morning and Evening Vitamins. These vitamins are the bomb! Taken twice a day, they’re based on when it’s best to take certain vitamins and minerals, and what can be taken together (versus not). They are organic and whole food based, and have no sugar added! Great taste and easy to consume. I’ve been taking these for the last few months and I love them. The link above is for the morning, you can find the evening version here.
  • Bee Sunny Mineral Sunscreen. The best sunscreen is the blocking type, and that’s zinc and titanium dioxide. No chemicals to cause irritation, or cancer. Both zinc and titanium dioxide are big molecules and sit on top of the skin. Most people had no reaction to them, but I do not recommend on broken or already irritated (read sunburnt) skin. Having said this, I put heavy dustings on my fair-skinned redhead of a husband all the time. I dust my face every morning regardless of activities, but when outside I bring touch up with me. Love this stuff. Added bonus: gives you a softer, airbrushed look (due to the reflective nature of the minerals)!
  • Instant Black Tea Powder. I absolutely love Iced Tea… any time of year really, but as a staple come summer. Unfortunately I don’t like how long it takes to brew it, and because I drink so much, I gravitate to instant or easy items. This powered rocks! Absolutely no fillers… so a half teaspoon makes a full 32 ounces! I add ginger to mine for a little punch. Take an entire minute and I have a delicious tea. Tea is also cleansing, yet lower in caffeine.
  • Matrix Oil Wonders Rose Shampoo and Conditioner. Those who know me know that I have very long, wavy, hair. It’s no easy feat keeping it strong, healthy, and shiny. I need great products, but they don’t have to be uber expensive. This set may be $50, but it’s 33oz per bottle, and includes both shampoo and conditioner. The scent is nice, and subtle. The conditioning is amazing, smooths hair out without weighing it down.
  • Matrix Oil Wonders Strengthening Oil. If my hair will be subjected to heavy winds (boating, bike riding), salt water (the beach or boating), chlorine (poor and spa), or being in the sun all day (all other times), I put some of this in. Extra is used when salt or chlorine is involved, almost enough to make it look a wee bit stringy. But this is highly protective. If you’re in heavy winds be sure to limit how much of your hair whips around. Ponytail high and at the ends, or wear it up altogether. Wind and salt do the most damage.
  • Alitura Naturals Moisturizer. I love this stuff, the best ingredients and just the right amount of moisturizing protection. Put it on over clean skin and either put on your make-up then sunscreen, or just dust with the sunscreen. Gorgeous! Their mask is to die for and I’ve recommended it before on the main Biohacking Beauty page.
  • Bee Friendly Organic Honey Lip Balm. This stuff is expensive, but absolutely amazing. Bee’s wax, pollen, olive oil and honey (plus a few other organic things). Great stuff for your lips. It’s a three pack, but still $7 a tube. I love it and can say a tube lasts me a month or more. I keep one with me wherever I go and my lips are always soft. Love this stuff 🙂
  • Primal Pit Paste. It’s summer, we will sweat. But I refuse to put chemicals next to lymph glands. This has been a favorite of mine for over a year. If applied twice a day (morning and night) you won’t get odor. They have many scents, the jasmine is my favorite, although you can barely smell it after a minute or two.

Not biohacking your performance? You can always start today.

“Biohacking Beauty: Feeding Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body” (book by Elle Hunt) coming in late 2016.

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