Review: Coffee Supplements and Hacks

What? Coffee supplements? Do not make coffee more complex you say? Hey it’s not me, it’s the market! Ever since Starbucks introduced the Mocha people have been adding stuff into their coffee to make it more… I don’t know, Phoofy. We like our decadent and rich coffee, so we add stuff to it. Let’s review of a few of my favorites, and the one’s I recommend you avoid!

Coffee is good for you. Yes! There are numerous studies showing the antioxidant properties of coffee, as well as mood boosting, and memory boosting. So enjoy that cup, or two… just be mindful of what you add to it.

If you’re like most coffee drinkers you’ve tried everything from the typical black cup, to the sugar-laden “is there even coffee in it” frozen slushy. Your typical cup is likely either black or laced with some sort of creamer. No judgement here… creamers add flavor, and variety. But do you know what you’re ingesting? Do the healthy versions even taste good? Let’s see…

  • Coffeemate (and other non-dairy creamers): With the top three ingredients being water, sugar and vegetable oil (mainly soy) you’re feeding your body anti-nutrition. Consider this a purely cosmetic hack for your coffee, with not only no value to your body, but actual harm in consuming highly processed sugar and oil. It’s gross, and considering the alternatives out there, it’s completely avoidable. ZERO STARS.
  • Silk creamer (and other soy creamers): not much better than the non-dairy creamers. Although this brand uses cane sugar, you’re still drinking soy (read why this is bad here) and other processed foods. Yes, they have an almond version, and if you must have a liquid non-dairy creamer this may be a slightly less offensive choice. Soy version ZERO STARS, Almond version ONE STAR.
  • Newer creamers: milk and sugar. You can always use organic cream and sugar. Some companies have even packaged a great version for you (Organic Valley), but the problem is that you’re getting dairy (which many cannot digest well), and sugar. If you’re watching your sugar intake, I’d avoid any creamer with sugar over 1 gram, and ensure what sugar they use is low-glycemic. Sugars comparedTWO STARS
  • Powdered creamers: Let’s just say they are even more proceed than their liquid siblings. Avoid these. ZERO STARS.
  • Bulletproof Coffee(TM): This is a cup of coffee made using proprietary coffee, Brain Octane oil and grass-fed butter or ghee. Three years ago I started making this myself. Being a coffee snob for decades, I’ve already experimented with high quality beans and organic supplements to make my morning cup-o-joe an amazing kick-start to a kick-ass day. I love the BP coffee and use it exclusively myself, along with the Brain Octane oil. For butter, I use Organic Valley or Kerrygold. I’m not a fan of ghee, a wee bit too “nutty” for me. Blend it for 20 seconds in the Blendtec and I’m good. To add variety: raw organic cocoa butter, collagen protein, stevia, reishi mushroom extract, and/or ceylon cinnamon. Fills me up for several hours, and I feel great. FIVE STARS.
  • InstaMix(TM): As you just read, I absolutely love the BP coffee… so I was super excited about this product. The moment I got it I made another cup. OMG, was I disappointed. It tastes like powered cardboard. I’m used to my BP coffee being rich, delicious and satisfying. This was bland, almost adding a cardboard taste to the coffee. Mixes fine with a shaker up or a travel mug, but just doesn’t taste good. I won’t be ordering or recommending. It does get one star for nutritional value. ONE STAR.
  • Laird Superfood Creamer (mocha). Similar product to the InstaMix in that you’re adding a healthy creamer-like supplement to your coffee. It is missing the high fat, so I recommend coupling it with the BP Brain Octane capsules while traveling. This stuff tastes great, mixes with a spoon, and has some great whole food values. FIVE STARS.

So there you have it… what to add, and what to avoid! Add your favorite hacks in the comments.

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