Biohacking Beauty: Spring 2016

With the new season comes new products, and new reviews. Biohacking for optimal performance continues with the sciences. Your life and career evolve when you take action, make changes, try new things.

Some of these products aren’t brand new to the market, but are still relatively new to the mass consumer. I’m also updating my supplement stack.

Basis, by Elysium Health. A supplement focus on metabolic repair and optimization. More and more science of aging, disease prevention, and heath, are focusing on cellular energy and metabolism. This is some amazing science here, and I’m looking forward to not only personally experiencing the results, but to what they come up with next.

Hero Health. I’ve got to say that this device is the absolute bomb! If it wasn’t for the insane price (currently $599, but an anticipated retail of $999), I’d buy three of them. One for our house, one for my son, and the last for my grandmother. I love the security, reminders, pill management. They have many functions available for free, and will be offering a software subscription for things like auto-purchase. I haven’t actually tried this yet, as a model is not available. So consider this a very loose recommendation, and more like a kudos on a great idea.

Exos Nutrition. They offer some of the best multi-vitamins around, and I’m not a big supporter of multi’s. The source and production methods are awesome. Little things like using folate, no iron, includes K2 and D3. This is part of my new supplement stack (outlined below), and includes their multivitamin and their Omega 3.

MaryRuth Organics, supplements. These are an organic, whole foods based, supplement offering. The morning one is not recommended since it doesn’t include K. However, their evening formula looks interesting, if not expensive. I’m trying this out for a month and will report back if I’ve fallen in love. It has a decent amount of magnesium in it, and comparing it to other magnesium drinks, like Natural Calm, it’s comparable in price. However, there are other supplements that are far more economical. I really like their D3 Gummy. Very low sugar and a decent amount of D. For those who need more than their multi may give them (like seasonal or situation use), this is a great treat.

Primal Pit Paste. Natural deodorant. I banned aluminum from my deodorant more than ten years ago. In those ten years I have tried dozens and dozens of “natural” alternatives, experiencing disappointing results. That is until I tried this Pit Paste. It is a paste, so an easy application is not available. You will get it on your fingers unless you use some sort of applicator. They include a small flat stick, I use these instead. Applying a small pea size to each underarm, morning and night, I get total protection and absolutely zero smell. This may be too much information for you, but for those searching for an alternative to aluminum versions, it’s well worth the wee bit of personal information. I love the jasmine, it’s super light in scent. All their scents are light.

Foundation. If you follow my Biohacking Beauty regime, you’re likely wearing a tinted powered or sunscreen powder for your daily use. However, there are times when we want a more flawless look. Recent discoveries in cosmetology science have opened the doors to a few new products. These are my findings, and final recommendation:

  • Dior Skin Nude Air Serum. Let me start by saying my search was for “lightweight/sheer coverage and lasts all day.” This product got some amazing reviews from experts. Unfortunately it comes in 8 colors, which means it won’t match most skin tones. I tried two, neither matched. Odd texture and it almost stains the skin. Not recommended.
  • Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. This one does comes in many shades. My skin rarely breaks out, and if it does it’s always because of an irritant. Within 24 hours I had small irritations on my face. Whatever is in it my skin does not like. Very oily formula, and doesn’t last the day. Not recommended.
  • Even Better, Clinique. This is not new, but I’ve got to say that after trying the above (and another one I can’t seem to remember the brand of), I’m coming back to a tried and true. It’s medium coverage, but if applied over a moisturizer (Alitura Naturals), you can make it relatively sheer. Highly recommended!
  • Mia Fit. Not a foundation, but a fantastic new addition to the Clarisonic family. Small and travel friendly, plus it uses the same heads as your full-size Clarisonic. The battery lasts a while between charges too, which is great for short trips and not needing to pack charging cords. So far I’m over a week of daily use without a charge. I love it. Highly recommended!

My supplement stack for the Spring of 2016. Changes were made to simplify without compromising quality. Simon and I felt like we were eating a meal with the amount of pills we consumed every morning. The new stack is smaller, and I’ve noted where you can make some budget adjustments. Costs are per person, one month supply.

That’s $114 per person (without the Glutathione Force), per month, and it covers everything Simon and I need for basic nutrients, anti-aging, sleep, immunity and gut health. You can forgo Basis and drop your price to $74/m per person. You could add the organic nighttime vitamins, in place of the magnesium, and up the price to $150/m per person. Add Glutathione and you’re at about $150/m per person.


“Biohacking Beauty: Feeding Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body” (book by Elle Hunt) coming in late 2016.

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