National Nutrition Month: Recommended Books

It’s also Reading Awareness Month, so we cover two issues with one post!

There are tons of books on diet, wellbeing, losing weight, and nutrition. Here are some of my favorites.

  • The Wahls Protocol. A paleo based approach coupled with intense science, focused on health. It came from a battle with a chronic autoimmune condition, yet her advice is around body nutritional needs.
  • Doctor Yourself. A vitamin based approach to health and healing. Hundreds of topics and what supplement support Dr. Saul recommends.
  • Death By Food Pyramid. What a great book! Easy read about how biased science and politics have affected our food supply and nutritional education.
  • Bulletproof Diet. Dave Asprey’s book on a LCHF diet that focuses on inflammation, nutritional support, and cognitive performance. Heavily based on quality of food.
  • The Virgin Diet. JJ Virgin’s diet based off inflammation and sugar/carb limitation. Her first book, Sugar Impact Diet, is more a LCHF diet.

A few of these authors sell products. I’ll review some of those products in an upcoming post.

“Biohacking Beauty: Feeding Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Body” (book by Elle Hunt) coming in late 2016.

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