National Nutrition Month: Types Of Diet Protocols

OMG… have you ever googled “diet” to be overwhelmed with the brazillian responses and zero direction? You’re not alone.

Diets, and dieting, are hot and ever-popular topics globally. Sure, there may be some cultures that, due to lack of the internet, aren’t as consumed (pun intended) by what they eat and how it affects them. Most of us are at some point in our lives.

This month is National Nutrition Month, and this post will give you some great articles on diet protocols and what they mean for you.

Low-Carb-High Fat Diet (LCHF), just as it states, this protocol focuses on an intake of very low carbohydrates and high fats.

Paleo: this is a protocol that’s based on what our ancestors ate thousands of years ago. The premise is that we are feeding our body what it has evolved to eat. Evolution takes dozens of generations and thousands of years. Sixty to seventy years of processed food is foreign to us.

Vegetarian and Vegan: Simply speaking, they exclude animal products, either in diet exclusively, or within their life in general. Great description here.

Lastly, and my least favorite, the Standard American Diet (SAD). This is what our government recommends. With the political and lobbyist-centric influence, one can clearly see this is not based on health, but corporate agendas.

I hope this helps guide you to make some new choices that enhance your well-being, performance and cognitive function.

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