What If Everyone Practiced Gratitude

You would feel more appreciated by your boss, peers, friends, partner, children, family, neighbors… everyone. Every day you’d feel valuable. You’d be far more productive because you saw the positive impact your actions created. You’d feel welcome, supported, included, valued. 

Wouldn’t you feel amazing?

Heck ya! All that positivity would influence your mood, your health, your response. If everyone practiced gratitude you would have the absolutely most wonderful opportunity life has to offer.

Today it starts with you.

For everyone to practice gratitude it has to include everyone… and someone has to get it started.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people who consider gratitude a foundational part of their life. Certainly not the 7 billion plus that we need, but a start. Today is your day. Commit to be the next Daily Gratitude Practitioner (term coined by me)!

How do you become a Daily Gratitude Practitioner? Easy-Peasy…

  • Understand gratitude doesn’t solve problems, nor does it require a positive place to exist. You can be grateful in the face of adversity.
  • Everyone has something to be grateful for. The more you can find, the easier it becomes. As you practice, you will find yourself grateful for the smallest or most mundane things. Not only am I grateful for the things I have in my life that make it easier (like a washing machine and dryer), but I’m grateful for the opportunity to dirty my clothes while putting up Christmas decorations for my community. I’m grateful the dog I adore most covers my leggings with his ever-shedding cream-colored fur. And I’m also grateful for the large rat we saw last night scurrying around outside… first, that he was outside and not inside (haha), and second, that he was fat and healthy. This means my ecosystem outside is also fat and healthy!
  • Gratitude comes in the face of patience. Attempting a visit to Costco yesterday yielded us no parking spaces. So we drove right though and planned to go another time. I was grateful we had the luxury of planning it later, and that so many people visit Naples during the holiday season.
  • As a leader your gratitude is essential. You have people who look to you, perform for you, rely on you. There are gifted men and women who agree that your gratitude must be ever-present. And do not think you’re not a leader. There are very few people who truly do not fit that description. However, if you have friends, a partner, children, family you likely have some level of a leadership role.
  • Gratitude does not make you a doormat. It does not mean that although you should be grateful for every situation you’re in that you have to accept one outcome or submit to someone else. Gratitude is taking every situation, every thing in life and finding the positive influence you can. It’s also appreciating the ability to change the negative and make the world better.
  • Gratitude is ever-present. It’s not just waking up or going to bed with a thought or two of what you’re grateful for. That’s a start, but that’s not the end goal. Your gratitude should be ever-present. It’s especially important to be present and grateful when you’re with others. Yet even by yourself, the moments of grateful thought and reflection can influence so many positive outcomes.
  • Gratitude always influences a positive outcome.

Be Present. Be authentic. Be grateful.

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