This Holiday Season Focus On The Good

Although we tend to find more compassion, servitude, acceptance and love during the holiday season, it’s not always the case. It’s a general population attribute, jerks, and jerk-like behavior, exists. 

How do we thrive during the holidays when we spend more time with a frustrated public, stressed teammates, and overwhelming family? We focus on the good.

I love this picture! Throughout ours lives we will meet many, many haters. Due to jealousies, insecurities, or other “them” problems, they make it a point to be negative to you. They blame others for their problems, accuse you of taking the easy way, and complain about the unfair elements of life. You can’t change them.

Instead, focus on the good… and trust me, the good in life is overwhelming when you go out and look for it.

  • Are you alive today?
  • Do you have friends, family, neighbors, pets?
  • Do you do something gratifying with your day?

You don’t need a perfect job, lots of money, or amazing health to be happy, content, and loving to yourself and others. You simply need to be grateful.

Your own internal gratitude will make you resilient.

Your resilience will make you happy.

Your happiness will feed others.

Focus on the good things this season and be grateful for them. You are a gift, to yourself and to others. Don’t be a hater… be a gift.

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