Kick Off The New Year With Higher Performance!

With the new year comes new opportunities. Sure, you can choose to stay on the same path, and expect the same results. Or, you can commit to some change and experience successful high performance! 

Performance Life at Hunt Squared offers many team training services. Book a half or full day event and get a free Amazon Fire 7″*!

  • The Mindful Leader. Past and present habits of great leaders paired with cutting edge mindfulness training. Your team will communicate and collaborate better while handling stress and change with ease.
  • Habit Based Change. The art and science behind change. Learning how to spot destructive habits and create a more successful and proactive new habit is what this is all about. Teams are more supportive and productive, while becoming more aware and resilient.
  • Being Kick-Ass! This is a more intensive training that combines both mindfulness and habit based change. Learned all you can to make yourself, and your teams, totally kick-ass!

Call today to schedule your team’s event and kick-off 2016 with mindfulness, resilience and high performance! Individual sessions and packages available as well.

* Amazon Fire 7″ tablet can either be a direct gift or a prize for a participant within the event, subject to your company guidelines. 

Have questions? Feel free to contact me. And, if you’re interested in working with me, check out my coaching program.

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