Winter Preparedness Tips

Yes, it’s that time of year… time to plan ahead for those big storms. Snow and ice are coming, to most of you that is. Roads will be closed, and UPS won’t be able to deliver anything… like, for days!

Fret not! I have dedicated time today to create a Winter Preparedness List just for you!

  • Space heaters. For real, you can’t have too many of these. Buy them now, they sell out quickly.
  • Throws. In case you don’t know what a throw is, it’s a personal size blanket. Like space heaters, can’t have too many. Leave a few in every room. Choose both soft and comfy. You’ll be wrapped in these all winter.
  • 5lb bag of Bulletproof Coffee. You cannot afford to run out of this.


  • Along with that coffee 100lbs of butter and a gallon of Brain Octane.
  • Ammo. In case the Zombie Apocalypse hits during the winter storm.
  • Three month supply of all your Beauty Biohacks. Make that four months… or if you’re in Canada, seven months.
  • Download now all the seasons of every Star Trek series.
  • A case of the Bulletproof Chocolate Fuel bars. You need fuel right?
  • And water. I know if I didn’t add water someone would point out how important it is for life. It is… how else would I make coffee?

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