2015 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year and I’m running late on my yearly Gift Guide! True, you can always hit up the newly created Recommended Products, but what if you want a simple list for your weekend or online spree? Here you go!

Over $100 (well, aren’t you generous!)

  • iPad Air 2 The best tablet you will buy. Games, movies, books, web browsing, all easy and amazing. Buy the most storage (GB of data) you can afford. You don’t need a data model unless your recipient does not have WiFi or travels a lot.
  • Infrared Sauna Great gift for your significant other or parents. This model is small enough to fit just about anywhere and is super easy to install. The health benefits are amazing and it will become their favorite toy of the year.
  • Whole Body Vibration Plate This is a great entry model. Ping me if you’ll like a recommendation for a larger, more robust one. This is great for total body workouts, pain relief, and circulation.
  • Muse Meditation Headband  become a master of relaxation and meditation. This is a EEG biofeedback device that measures brain activity. Includes meditation and brain training.
  • HeartMath Inner Balance Another biofeedback device, one that focuses on heart rate variability training. This is my favorite and used in my coaching practice. Super simple and effective at training yourself to be mindful and coherent.
  • StandDesk Sitting is new diet soda, and best avoided. If you use a desk, make it a standing desk. This one is made with bamboo and has a 4-program height feature. Simple and the best price I’ve seen so far. Add the Topo Mat for an absolutely perfect standing office experience.
  • Amazon Echo We use this for lists, home automation, music, reminders and timers. The options lengthen each month as Amazon (and others) add to its functionality. The Amazon Fire TV below has Alexia built in too, making home automation and integration closer to fun than fiction.

Under $100

  • Amazon Fire TV Netflix, Amazon Prime video, music and the Echo (Alexia) software really make this a go-to TV device. It also includes the ability to add Sling TV, which for $20/month gives you 20 broadcast channels. So if you’re ready to give Comcast the boot (and who isn’t?) this is your new favorite device. Supports gaming and up to 4K resolution too!
  • Apple TV I have both. Why? Well, the Apple TV support Airplay. For the coaching practice this allows me to “stream” video from my computer or iPad to the TV for anyone to see. Very useful for biofeedback applications. Why might you want it? Better integration with your Apple infrastructure. Doesn’t support Amazon Prime Video though. If I had to chose one, and I didn’t do coaching, the Amazon Fire TV wins as of today 🙂
  • Bulletproof Coffee Bundle: ground coffee, Brain Octane Oil, Collagen protein and Cacao Butter
  • Alitura Naturals the clay mask, day moisturizer and night moisturizer are amazing, for both women and men. Ping me if you get this and I’ll send you a beauty/skincare protocol.
  • December 18th Only… 3 coaching sessions for just $100! For more information on what the coaching includes, visit us here.

Under $50

  • Amazon Fire 7″ OMG this is a great tablet for $50! Native apps works best (meaning Amazon apps), but for kids, guests or high-risk use (I have this in my sauna) it’s perfect!
  • Bulletproof Coffee Add Ins (any or all): Collagen Protein, Cacao Butter, Maca, Lions Mane, Ceylon Cinnamon. Find the highest quality in both organic and raw (except for Maca which needs to be gelatinized).
  • Blue Blocking Glasses Save your eyes when browsing or working at a computer or tablet.
  • Jamberry Nail Wraps Natural and chemical free way of keeping your nails perfectly manicured. I have holiday wraps on my toes now! Love these things. They last for several weeks and one sheet can do 4 manicures AND 2 pedicures.
  • 5 Port USB Power Charger super speed and high power. Can charge multiple phones and tablets at the same time… fast! Don’t forget extra cords, and ensure the cords support charging a high power device.
  • Sleep Induction Mat can’t say enough good things about them. Read my review here for tips and ideas.

For now, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. And, if you’re interested in working with me, check out my coaching program.

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