November Product Review: Biohacking Beauty

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new Reviews: One to Five Stars… Five Being Best!

  • Alitura Skincare4starsI’ve been using the clay mask, (new) night cream, and day cream. First off, the mask smells awful. To get the most amazing results, you mix the powder with apple cider vinegar. I did that the first time and nearly died! The scent was so strong my husband smelt it in another room. The following times I used plain water (RO water to reduce contaminates). Still smells, but doesn’t make it as offensive. The mask works so well though! My skin glows, is so clean and clear, and preps it for the retinA and hydroquinone. I use the night cream about 3-5 minutes after applying my creams. Always apply moisture last. In the morning I use witch hazel to clean my skin, then apply their day cream and my tinted sunscreen. I’m well oiled, but my skin looks and feels amazing. This stuff is very moisturizing and might be considered oily for some. It doesn’t bother me, but if I were taking pictures that day I might put some mineral powder on to help matte the look. Their products aren’t cheap, but the ingredients are super high quality and the reason they cost so much. Pearl powder and colostrum are expensive, and add all the other high-end ingredients, you’d be hard pressed to make this yourself for less.
  • Primal Pit Paste4stars I stopped using aluminum based antiperspirants years ago, but finding a decent deodorant has been like winning the lottery, near impossible. I have tried over twenty various deodorants and I like very few. Most rate 1-2 stars. It’s very difficult to find all natural formulas that work. This one I like because I can use it all day without a touch up. I don’t do heavy sweating events (except when I sauna), and this keeps a clean and neutral odor all day. It has a slightly higher amount of baking soda, so if that bothers you pat it on versus rubbing it in. You only need a pea size per underarm. I use a large pea size. I’ve been using the jasmine scent and it is very, very light. Almost more of a clean soap scent with a slight floral middle note. Only if I were to jam my nose deep into my arm might I smell actual jasmine. It’s a good thing… as I was worried this might be too strong a scent. The Lemongrass is also an amazing, and light, scent too.
  • FatFace Stank Stop3 stars(31) Like the paste above, it’s an all natural recipe that has baking soda in it. They have two scents, both are very light and not intrusive. This one seems to last most of the day, but not all day. Perhaps it’s the lower amount of baking soda. Their prices are very high for their ingredients. 2oz is over $20 versus the Pit Paste above is $10. Same stuff, twice the price. Not cool.
  • FatFace Fatstickfive-stars This is a cacao butter based balm that is amazing as a lip balm. Expensive, but a huge stick. Likely to last a few months of 2-3 times a day use. The smell is delicious, yet easily for a man or woman. It’s in my purse now!
  • Harry’s Shavingfive-stars I love 5 blade shaving systems, but OMG I hate the price! Even buying blades at Costco seems to break the bank. When I found Harry’s I was so elated. Their prices are amazing, and their blades are super high quality… lasting 2 to 3 times longer that the other 5 blade systems. Yes, one head from Harry’s lasts eight (8) shaves (women shaves… so that’s a LOT of coverage), versus 2-3 shaves from the other brand. No need to buy their creams and such, use conditioner or body wash.
  • Foreo Luna Ministar-1 I am all for sonic face cleaning. It’s in my top things to do to biohack your beauty. So when I saw a system that no longer required me to buy brushes I was elated! Until I used it. It’s weak, doesn’t really stimulate anything, and certainly doesn’t brush away dead skin cells. It massages you. So if you need a massager, this is a very expensive one. But pass on this failure, and all others like it. They have knock-offs for around $30 on amazon, but none of them are worth your money if you need to exfoliate your face.
  • Jamberry Nail Wraps4stars I hate wearing polish for two reasons… the chemicals and that the polish only lasts a day or two without chipping. No matter the brand or price, four days tops is my maximum polish time. Several months ago a saw the cutest toe polish ever. When I asked about it she said they were nail wraps. I looked high and low for these magic stickers, only to find them this summer at a Jamberry Party. They are gorgeous, healthy and really inexpensive! $15 buys you a sheet and one sheet can do four manicures plus two pedicures. Plus they have a buy 3 get 1 free. For $45 you get 4 sets and they can last you 6 to 12 months depending on how often you change them. They claim a two-week use from each application. I get about 1 week for fingers, and 4-5 weeks for toes. I love these, and get compliments on them daily. There are many methods to applying them. If you buy them, message me and I’ll help you with some tips and tricks. Get the personal heater too. Uber quiet and makes the application process almost foolproof.
  • Jamberry Gel Polish3 stars(31) As a polish this stuff lasts 10-14 days, which is absolutely amazing. If you need or want a super polish, this is it. It takes about 45 minutes to do this correctly, meaning you really need extra drying cycles to ensure a perfect application. And I have experienced it drying my nails a little. I use almond oil nightly, and eat collagen daily… so I consider this drawback applicable to everyone. If you have weak nails I would not recommend this for long-term wear. Beta (midnight blue) is my favorite color. The glitter colors are sheer. These are super duper shiny!
  • Dynamic Infrared Saunafive-stars OMG this is amazing. I’ve used it every single day since I got it. My skin couldn’t glow any more and it’s so clean. After a 20-30 minute session (at 125F), I feel calm, relaxed, light, clean, and ache/pain-free. I feel amazing. This is a wonderful way to detox, and since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed lower body odor (to clarify, I don’t have much body odor normally, but since the sauna it’s practically non-existent). My skin is cleaner, clearer, and a bit more taut, firm, hydrated. My protocol is exercise beforehand (my 20 minutes of yoga and the vibration plate), big glass of water, 20/30 minutes at 125F (yes, I’m a wuss), and a shower after. I feel renewed, relaxed and refocused. Sometimes I use niacin 30 minutes before the sauna, and activated charcoal, if I want additional detox. This model has an audio input jack, so I listen to meditation music, brain training (, or watch something on Netflix. I use an Amazon Fire 7″ ($49) with the cable that comes with the sauna. This unit has controls inside and out, 6 carbon heating panels, and was super easy for my husband and I to put together. Took us more time figuring out the diagram than actually putting the panels together. 40 minutes tops, maybe. This is small, so if you want to sauna with someone get the bigger model. Want a sauna? This one fits anywhere and it under $1000 delivered. No brainer.
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