Cinnamon Rolls the Keto Way

Absolutely amazing! Now who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? No one. Ever.


I used to be an amateur bread baker in my past life. I would make something almost daily that was a combination of wheat, yeast, oil, sugar, and eggs. It was a rare day when that smell wasn’t coming from the kitchen, my shirt covered with floury Hobbit handprints, and a bowl on the counter covered with a cloth, gluteny dough rising under it. I had a cabinet that was just flour and sugar. Now, it looks like this :).

2015-11-12 09.12.50.jpg

A part of me does miss it, more the process than the foods now that I keto so much stuff. I got an almost Zen-like feeling from working the dough, checking it, doing window pane tests, and getting excited when it came out right. I’d make loaves of bread, English muffins, bagels, naan, pretzels, and on the weekends for a special treat…cinnamon rolls.

Spirals of dough, soft on the…

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