Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat- Review

I’ve never been a great sleeper. My mind has a mind of its own and would often refuse to turn off. I get restless legs, achy back, uncomfortable neck, and just a general hard-to-fall-and-stay-asleep way of being. I’ve tried valerian root, and other such “sleep herbs”, but really don’t like messing with my chemistry to induce sleep, I wanted to fix the problem, address the root cause. Some supplements are quite helpful, like Melatonin,  but I wanted to focus on creating a regular and healthy sleep habit that contributed to falling sleep quickly, sleeping soundly, having pleasant and restful dreams, and waking full refreshed, renewed and ready!

On this quest I created other habits in addition to the Sleep Induction Mat, they included:

  • Going to sleep around the same time every night (11pm-ish)
  • Waking up at the same time regardless of the day of the week (730am)
  • Taking about a tablespoon of Natural Calm within 30 minutes of going to bed
  • HeartMath focused exercises to return to coherence (focus on grateful thoughts and loved ones)
  • Paper bedside in case I had a thought that needed to be let go (write it down and release it)

All of this helped a great deal, but I was still lacking physical comfort while sleeping. I have a great bed, this comfort need was physical, due to a back injury. So I tried the Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat.


Warning, it’s a bit tough to hold since you’re supposed to roll it with its white discs up (this keeps them sharp and from damaging each other). I pull my comforter and top sheet down, roll the Mat out, put my large pillow where my knees will be, and my small (silk cased) pillow up where my head will be.

The first time I used this with a t-shirt on, now it’s off when I relax on the mat. I start by sitting at the base and adjust my position so that the Mat begins on my sacral area (this is just above the butt where you can feel the sacral bone). I lie down and place the pillow under my neck and head. Another option is to place the Mat on top of the pillow so that your neck receives some acupressure benefits. As I became more familiar with using it I experienced immediate pleasure and relief. It felt so good, invigorating, yet totally relaxing. Within ten minutes I’m feeling sleepy. I sit up straight (do not slide off or you may scratch yourself), pull the Mat from underneath me, and roll it up.

I love it. My husband has been using it for two weeks now and loves it so much I had to get him his own.

There are others on the market, but the Bulletproof one is a wee bit longer, which is great for tall people or when you want to use it on your neck.

JBA - Sleep Induction Acupressure Mats - (27) - Zensufu Spoonk Bulletproof

There are other uses for your Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat


Neck pain, back pain and headache help.


Stimulate your sitting and working area for better circulation and alertness.


Some even use them for yoga poses!

If you’re on a quest to hack your way to the best sleep ever, load up on Magnesium, enjoy a little heart focus, and get yourself a Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat. You’ll enjoy an amazing night of renewal and wake up each morning refreshed and ready for anything.

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