A Day In The Life…

I am often asked what I eat, what exercise I do, what supplements I take, to look the way I do. First off, I usually just say “thank you” for the compliment as pass it all off on my genetics. And, to be honest, your genetic foundation greatly affects how you look and how you age. However, you can influence it, both positively and negatively.

Some negative ways are drinking, smoking, a high-stress life, negative thinking, and eating poorly (to name a few.)

Having children, it does add slightly more work than not having kids to any weight and body management you do, but it doesn’t curse you into poor health. I have two and my body weight and measurements are the same as they were when I was twenty.

So what does my day look like?

  • Wake up around 730am *every day, weekday or weekend
  • Start with mindful breathing and gratitude (20 minutes or so)
  • Make and consume my Bulletproof coffee (10oz BP coffee, 1.5TBS Brain Octane Oil, 1.5TBS Kerrygold Butter… sometimes I add cacao butter, cinnamon, or liquid stevia)
  • Supplements include Vit D3, Vit K2, Vit B12, Magnesium, Vit C, Glutathione, and a probiotic. I have a few others that I take as needed.
  • Noon workout on the vibration plate, 10 minutes standing, squats, and squats on my toes, then 10 minutes doing down dog (yoga pose) with leg lifts. Total 20 minutes. Usually do this every day, but allow myself do skip two days per week if needed (like days I’m traveling etc). I really miss my vibration plate when I travel!
  • Lunch between 1-2pm (sometimes as late as 3pm). Protein and veggies. A favorite is an egg with bacon and an avocado. Eating out I look for sushi, grilled wild sockeye salmon, or grass-fed beef.
  • Evening dinner includes the same, but also includes some carbs. I need more than others, so I have two portions of carbs a day, sometimes three. This is usually carb loaded veggies, and fruit. Sweet potatoes, rice, raspberries, blackberries are my favorite. I also cook ketogenic dishes that have nut flours, so they too have a carb count. And, if I go crazy, then I’m adding maple syrup and living large 🙂
  • If I want to cheat on something non-bulletrppof I do, and I don’t feel bad. I make sure it is the healthiest version possible, like organic ice cream. But I never feel as if I live without.

I have written another post on Biohacking Beauty you might want to read, and I have an always-updated page of Recommended Products that includes some of the items noted above and links to find them online.

I’ll warn you though, you start eating healthy and taking care of your mind and body and you will notice when you do something not-good. If I eat something low quality, it not only tastes bad, but I feel it. Same with negative thoughts and situations. It amazed me daily, and is a part of every grateful thought, that by taking care of myself in this healthy way that I feel great and can be a productive and loving member of this earth. You won’t be perfect, I certainly am not, but you will be quite amazing. You will feel it, and others will see it in you. I’ve said this for years: Careful what you feed your body and feed your mind. Goodness in equals goodness out!

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