Wow. I mean really, WOW.

I met awesome, AWESOME people. And, I saw some of the most innovation and unique things. First off, there are three new Recommended Products to share with you:

  • IMG_0561Marc Pro Plus: high and low frequency muscle conditioning, recovery and pain relief. Think about it as a massage therapist and a TENS machine rolled into one. The relief and recovery aspects are noticeable from the first use. It’s fully rechargeable, easy to use, and high quality.
  • IMG_0558FatFace Organic Face and Body products. These are nice people selling very high quality products. No junk, just the very best ingredients like cacao butter, lavender, etc. Everything from body butter to deodorants. I’ve been using their deodorant for almost a week now and love it.
  • IMG_0560 3Stand Desk. This one is not only really nice, but it’s solid bamboo (renewable wood), fully automatic, and a great price!

I had many people ask me to include a list of some of my top biohacking recommendations. Along with the follow full-time page of Recommended Products, here are a few top products that relate to the biohacking lifestyle.

Thrive Market: a great place to find organic, paleo, and bulletproof products, baking supplies, etc. Best prices on the web.
Vibration Plate I recommend to my clients that don’t have the funds to buy the Vibe. I have one of these and can attest to their absolute greatness!
Biohacking Beauty. A recent post sharing all of my personal secrets.
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Dave Asprey and Elle Hunt
Dave Asprey and Elle Hunt