Kids and Healthy Diets

So you’ve started your new paleo or low carb diet, filled with excitement and joy at the idea of both losing weight and being the most healthy you’ve ever been. Now you need to incorporate your younger units into the mix. No need to have Oreos intermingling with those almond flour and erythritol goodies you made last night! Perhaps your children have health issues you want to address (food allergies, diabetes, etc.) Whatever your reason, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as you modify your child’s eating habits.

  • Unless your child is obese, and his doctor recommended he lose weight, do not have your child forgo breakfast or fast if that’s a part of your new diet. Children need to eat regularly and have much higher nutritional requirements. Let your child eat whenever he is hungry.
  • Children need carbs. If you’re on a NO carb diet you’ll need to introduce healthy carbohydrates into your child’s diet. These can include berries, sweet potato and other low glycemic options.
  • Children like to snack! Keep healthy options always available. I make a butter “dip” that I keep in the fridge. It’s great for veggies. Butter, MCT oil and Himalayan salt make it a really delicious treat. Almond butter is great for celery sticks too. Rice chips for savory snacking, coupled with fresh guacamole. Also make a few “cookies” for your kids.
  • Remind yourself, and perhaps your kiddos, that eating healthy is like brushing your teeth and doing homework. Sometimes it’s fun and not too bothersome, but it’s always good for you. What they eat now will forever impact their development… both brain and body. You wouldn’t let your kids go a week without brushing their teeth or not going to school? Don’t feed them crap either. “Crap”… hahaha, your kids will get a laugh from that!
  • Eating healthy takes research and commitment, from you. There are few packaged healthy foods, which means if you want your kids to eat well you’ll be doing far more cooking at home. Restaurants exist that serve grass-fed organic meats and veggies, but you’ll have to hunt them out to ensure you’re visiting the right places. Make a list and share with neighbors and friends.
  • Need ice cream? It can be healthy too.
  • Lastly, it’s okay for both you and the kids to “cheat” sometimes, either purposefully or by accident. Keep those cheats infrequent and make them less damaging by choosing as healthy as possible. As an example, if you must buy store bought ice cream, choose limited ingredient organic ice cream. Read those labels. Need sweetness? Pineapple, strawberries and raspberries can satisfy those cravings.

Good luck, and know that starting these habits now sets your kids up for successful choices in the future!

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