Can You Eat Right Even When You Eat Out?

Today’s post on eating out will focus on what you can do to make it a more healthy experience. The first thing I do is bring my own “stuff”. Stuff? How vague! Well, to call them condiments would be odd too. What do I bring and how do I make them?

My common stash includes:

  • Himalayan Salt (pink, organic, ground fresh by me)
  • Brain Octane Oil
  • Coconut Amino Acids (organic)
  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Supplements (various, include nootropics)
  • hybrids

Hybrids? Yes, these are a few of my favorite combinations, like:

  • Brain Octane and Himalayan Salt. This is delicious with both steak and sushi. I use it instead of regular salt, or in place of soy sauce. I decant this into a dropper container. This allows for a more precise amount.
  • Brain Octane, Organic Cinnamon and Vanillamax. Think of this as a healthy creamer. When making Bulletproof Coffee, you’d also add your butter, but this combines my favorites into one quick pour.

How to make a hybrid? It’s really much easier that you’d think:

  • Prep your workstation, making sure you have all the right ingredients, extras if needed, and the tools. I use a funnel, aluminum foil (to shake the cinnamon into prior to putting it into the funnel), and a long toothpick (to break up clogs). Keep a paper towel or two ready.

More videos can be found here.

  • Add the cinnamon. It goes without saying that either freshly ground organic cinnamon, or organic cinnamon already ground, should be used. The amount is based on your personal taste. I use about a tablespoon, maybe more.


  • Use your toothpick if it clumps.
  • The add your vanillamax. What’s vanillamax? Click here to learn about the amazing Bulletproof vanilla that’s not only organic, but “processed” in a way to preserve all the value of the seed. Don’t have any? Organic ground vanilla would be your next option. I use about a tablespoon, maybe a bit less. Real vanilla isn’t as sweet as the extracts, so be sure to taste if this is your first time using organic ground vanilla.


  • Now I add my Brain Octane Oil.


  • If you’re using Ultra Violet Glass (which what I highly recommend), use a flashlight to ensure you fill it up without overflowing the bottle.


  • Last steps are easy… put the lid on, shake, and label! I used a Slow Pour jar for this hybrid, as I’m usually pouring this into my coffee.


What hybrids do you make for your travel kits?

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