The Mellow: Sous-Vide Cooking

Healthy cooking can be a pain, especially if you work, have a family, or find yourself too busy to cook. The Mellow use the sous-vide (under vacuum) process to store and cook your food based on your schedule. Using Wi-Fi and our Smartphone (iPhone or Android), you spend mere minutes setting it up, then enjoy a fully cooked meal at the time that works best for you. Yes, set it up at 6am to have a perfectly prepared Salmon filet at 7pm. Or how about perfectly soft boiled eggs when you wake up? Easy-Peasy! The machine keeps food as cool as your refrigerator until just the right moment to begin cooking.

This one is pre-order, but it’s touted as being the best option out there for this super-healthy cook-at-home appliance. More to come once I receive mine!

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