Why Judge People…


By their…




Sexual Preference

When these factors give you no indication of their moral compass or impact within society. It’s not like you have nothing else to judge them by…

How about their…

Actions towards others

Personal accountability

These two factors alone define how a person really fits in. Whether their impact to this world is positive or negative.

Think about it, let these two factors influence how you chose friends, lovers, business partners, mentors. Reflect in yourself and see where you stand within these factors. We are not perfect, not ideal. We have room to be better. Always an opportunity to grow.

So today, stop judging people by superficial attributes. Hold yourself accountable for your actions, expect them to hold themselves accountable. Do not throw judgement or blame where it doesn’t exist… to what they look like, who they worship, who they love. Do not blame the objects they use to carry out their choices or actions. Simplify.

Simply look to them with compassion and empathy.

Imagine a world in which Compassion, Empathy and Accountability were the pillars of all our actions. Make it happen.

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