Day One: Apple Watch

It has been the first 24 hours, and despite some initial concern that I might not really like the Watch, I am happy I bought it.

There were so many mixed reviews. From the terrible UI (user interface), to slow response, to not enough value/functionality to warrant buying it…I wasn’t sure whether I’d regret such a high-price experiment.

Yes, I do love my gadgets. And as for these first 24 hours, this gadget has proven itself useful.

My initial thoughts:

  • No one I know has an Apple Watch, so the fancy text messages and pulse thingys go unappreciated. Simon’s is on order, so I’ll be patient. He hopes the newness wears off before he gets his watch so I don’t heart-bomb him!
  • LOVE the siri app in this. Baking cookies this morning and it was so easy to lift my wrist and say: Hey siri, set a timer for eleven and a half minutes. BOOM, timer set! It pinged my wrist when I was outside. I wouldn’t have heard the indoor timer from there. VERY cool, very useful.
  • I turned off most of the notifications. Messages/Texts, phone, calendar and reminders are the only ones I get… so it’s not bad. No, I didn’t want to be pinged with every email.
  • I got the stainless steel, 38mm, with Milanese Loop band. Looks and feels awesome, but the band gets my (very) long hair caught in it at times. According to Simon, cutting my hair is not an option, so I’ve got to be more careful.
  • Weight and feel of the watch is amazing. Feels very high quality, much like my Omega. Its face is clean and polished, the Milanese band is remarkably comfortable. Thin and soft… not what I had expected. But it doesn’t feel slight or fragile.

It’s growing on me, and even though I’ve owned it a mere day, I’ve already gotten questions about it. Sure, in a few years everyone will have one… but for now I’m enjoying its newness and the added little things it does for me.

I’ll write more in a week, then in a month.


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