Elle’s View On What Your Xmas List Should Have On It

Last year I wrote a post on a few of my favorite gadgets. This is the updated version for your Christmas and holiday shopping pleasure!

  • iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S IV: depending on your preferred smartphone OS, these are your choices. Fast, gorgeous and truly innovative. High security, as well as gadget-worthy fluff make these your top contenders. This year both of these come with contract-bound major carriers and contract-free companies. Virgin Mobile and TMobile have some amazing offers for those who like the “pay as you go” model. Phones off contract often cost $400-$500 more, but in the end you pay less. You can always buy a used model. All used models are “off contract” and considered “unlocked”. Call your carrier for more information.
  • iPad. Wait a wee bit longer to move forward on this if you’re planning on buying one new. The new iPad Air will come out on Friday (November 1st). It’s super light (one pound) and blazing fast. The new iPad Mini with Retina display is due out “late November”. It has the updated gorgeous display, a much faster chipset, and a few other small goodies. Both models now come with 128G storage. If you plan on buying used, the market is hot. Buy now to avoid not finding stock come holiday season.
  • Macbook Air (2013). OMG this thing is fast, and with over twelve (yes, that’s 12!) hours of battery life you will not believe this is a laptop. One disappointment is the lack of a retina display. Really Apple… any time now. It’s not like the Air is new!
  • iMac 27″. When I said the Air was fast… I was not thinking of the iMac. Configured to its fullest, the new iMac is blistering fast. Amazing application support, web support and graphics. The huge display is gorgeous. Compared to the Thunderbolt display I have for the laptop it is equal in every way. True, a fully configured iMac is expensive… but the technology will last you years without feeling old and slow.
  • Canon PowerShot SX260 HS. Need a camera besides your smartphone, but still want lightweight and small? Canon has you covered. It has filters built in like Smooth Skin, Soft Focus, Discreet, etc. There’s a little threaded hole for tripod use too! Video is HD and it takes rechargeable batteries.
  • BioCube (small aquarium). For those who love the idea of having an aquarium but can’t commit to something large, the BioCube is perfect. Built in filters, pump, and an easy to clean tank.
  • The Present (an annual clock). Way cool view on time… by seasons. Keeps you in “the present” focused on life, not the hour.
  • Pebble (smart watch). This works so well with the iPhone. Get your texts, see who is calling, and have a vibrating alarm on your wrist. Watch faces are numerous, and some sites let you make your own! Sweet.
  • Loewe handbags. The Flamenco is my favorite, in the Nappa leather. It’s like butter. The bag is quite flexible: it can be a clutch, cross body, or shoulder bag. They are lightweight, and well organized inside.

I could go on for hours sharing my favorite new things of 2013. If you have specific needs around technology shoot me an email… I might be able to offer some options. Aside from cool devices and high end products, the best gift you can give this season is love. Nothing feels better than knowing someone loves you dearly. Happy Pre-Holidays!

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